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Daryl is one of the only of that group that Carol can be really, really vulnerable with like that. To say, “No, I’m not okay.” You know, and just let the mask really go. - Melissa McBride

I’m going to a horse show today with some friends (not really my jam but we’ll see) and I am cracking the fuck up because my German friend sent us an itinerary for all the times, down to the minute, that we will be doing certain activities including what time we will start eating dinner at kfc and what time we will finish

it’s the Germanest thing I have ever seen 😂

uhmmmm…..it’s a liiiiiiiittle hard to freak out whether Hanna is dead or not when we saw her during the 6a finale fast forward 

and this scene hasn’t even happened yet. smh the show could have done a better job at creating/maintaining suspense tbh nice try tho.

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With Hanna knowing more about Laito's past will she forgive him?

Not really. Hannah is capable of understanding others if she lets herself too but it’s completely a whole different thing for her to forgive someone.

Laito’s past will not erase what he’s done to her or other brides before her. That’s why she’s pissed off at the thought that in his past he’d been just another victim and that the Laito she’s currently encountering is the result of that.

She doesn’t want to forgive him when he hasn’t done anything to deserve her forgiveness. She can be cold and harsh, but she does have a heart, it’s hidden somewhere in there, but she does have one. However, this girl can hold a grudge and her view of the world around her is very clear.

He’s a victim, but he’s hurt her and other people. She can see both those things and keep them separate.

Can she sympathize, yes, but that doesn’t mean she’ll pretend he hasn’t abused her repeatedly.

Her only issue is that she sees him as a monster and doesn’t want to see him as anything other than that. Hannah has adjustment issues. Unfamiliar territory puts her on edge and this tiny hint of a revelation caught her off guard but once she’s assimilated it better, she’ll handle it in her own “Hannah way” which isn’t snuggly, but Laito will still approve of.

The daddy drabbles in Wattpad show tiny hints of how she deals with Laito’s issues with his mother. I can’t give much detail on how exactly she handles it because my blog is being spied on by someone that prefers stealing from other OCs rather than sitting down to understand Laito and how his trauma affects him. Hannah wasn’t created to love him, but to trigger him, and have some control over him.

This has both good and bad points but it isn’t necessarily a loving relationship.

The good point of Hannah when it comes to Laito’s trauma is that her perceptive nature will help her know how to handle it without upsetting him since she’s already got in mind to not hurt him through his past with Cordelia. With her making that decision, she’s subconsciously accepting to deal with him in a more understanding manner when this subject comes up.

Spoiler: Hannah has instincts of self-preservation. If she sees it’s ‘too much’ she won’t push or make a far too triggered Diaboy feel attacked or invaded by her to protect herself and she sometimes can read Laito better than he can understand himself.