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Receipt #21 as to how Emily Fields is always a step behind everyone else. 

All the other liars have had flashbacks to show the audience a glimpse of what they’ve dealt with during the five year time jump. Aria has hooked up with Jason, Spencer in Madrid with Caleb, Hanna dealing with her issues with Caleb, and Alison teaching/being with Charlotte. What do we see with Emily? The most relatable liar who was dealing with all kinds of life-altering events? Absolutely nothing. According to Marlene, Emily dropped out of college in Cali, went to Italy, taught Caleb how to surf, had a DJ’ing gig while sluttin’ it up in the nightlife with all kinds of girls. Booooi, that’s the most interesting five year backstory out of everyone and we don’t get see any of it? And for such a huge adventure like that, she hardly ever mentions it, herself?? As if she never did such a thing?? We couldn’t see Emily being a mess in Italy or even dealing with the news of Wayne’s death but we had to sit through flashbacks of Ezra and Nicole???

From romance to the actual writing of her character, Emily will always be one step behind everyone else.

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If you could name one of the dumbest decision from each of the girls ever made in the history of PLL, which dumb decisions would they be?

Man………………….I’m just going off the top of my head here even though I guarantee after I post this I’m going to think of more


To this day I cannot watch 6x17 because of how stupid Emily was in that episode. She had the chance to see WHO was driving that truck that was trying to run her over but instead of sticking her head out and looking at the driver, she hid????????????????? I mean they only saw you running up that crate???????? they knew u were up there????????????? but she hid her face and allowed the driver to get out, pick up hat suitcase handle or whatever it was, hop back in the truck, and drive away. I still do not forgive her for that.


Using Archer’s card, man!! I know she was smashed and did it on accident but that’s a BIG ACCIDENT. An accident that can get you indicted on homicide!! Like you don’t know how LOUD I GASPED when they went back to Spencer meeting Marco that night and how she incriminated herself just within the first words she spoke! The dumbest move. 7B is just filled with bad moves on her behalf. I’m telling you, this isn’t our Spencer. Spencerietta is among us.


I know Aria has a whole basket of dumb decisions but imo I think the biggest was taking Ezra back after that “book” reveal. That is just……….YOU KNOW WHAT, I got it. Aria’s dumbest move in all of pll history is NOT filing that police report on Ezra years ago and being willing to betray every one of her friends to keep it secret. I’m so over Ezr*a, I truly am.


Idk why I’m drawing blanks on Hanna rn but the only thing I keep going back to is her telling A.D. she killed Charlotte. That honestly was the dumbest idea/plan and nothing came out of that except her being tortured in her damn panties like she was in a game of Saw. Her friends did the bare minimum to rescue her. Aria was assigned a job but on the first thought of Ezra, she dipped just to cuddle with him. Spencer was trying to be the perfect girlfriend to Caleb while Emily was fantasizing about the time she went down on Alison five years ago. While it was for the betterment of the team, sacrificing herself was a huge mistake. Probably the reason A.D. hates her the most right now.


Has Alison ever made a dumb decision?? Lmao like she’s always fully aware of what she’s doing whether good or bad. She knows how to manipulate things to benefit her even if things are looking negative. I’m so used to her being “in charge/ all knowing” that I can’t actively think of a mistake she made that was on a large scale. You know what, I’m gonna say bullying. If she never was the world’s biggest bully towards everyone she’s ever met, none of this would have happened in the first place!

Isn’t it WILD how Lucas lost all his money trying to start Hanna’s fashion career but yet, despite him telling her this, she still lives in his apartment, drives his car (all for free), and now is allowing Caleb to stay there too? You mean to tell me #SugarDaddyLucas is out here living in a hotel and riding bikes to work because Hanna doesn’t have any manners let alone common courtesy to give him back his life? Lmao