lmao goddd

ohlookitscazz  asked:

so funny story for the meme thing... when i was in japan there was a mix up with our airbnb and we were locked out and couldn't get a hold of our host. my friend and i ended up spending our first night in osaka in a love hotel. I felt like i was living a shitty fanfic trope lmao

Ohhh my goddd ahahaha. That is so funny wtf. What is a love hotel even like?? Did you get weird looks from anyone lol

I definitely haven’t had any experiences similar to that at all haha

queerbatnana  asked:

*slides in* please tell us your matsuhana hcs if you have any :D

sure ;v; i’ve never written hcs before so please forgive me if they kinda suck ;;

  • makki loves mattsun’s magical hands/fingers. like one time during lunch makki was feeling p cranky and wanted to sleep but he kept failing. so mattsun helps him sleep by running his fingers gently along his back and through his hair, rubbing his shoulders, etc until BAM he’s out cold in like .09 seconds. makki loves it but he always gets pissed when mattsun doesn’t wake him up. (they’re both late to class and suffer in detention. at least makki can sleep again)
  • “why the hell didn’t you wake me up you big jackass”
  • “i feel so fucking attacked right now i was trying to h e l p”
  • when one of them is sick the other will tease them by making fun of them via text messages and sending pics of whatever ~~~amazing~~~ stuff happened that day without them. when they get out of school they go to the others house with snacks and movies and medicine. they’ll even sleep over to watch over the other
  • they’re both the biggest bed hogs. they’ll either roll on top of the other, kick the other off the bed, suffocate each other w their pillows, etc. At training camps oikawa and iwaizumi suffer whenever one of them gets rolled on by one of their dumbass friends
  • makki likes to eat stuff right before bed, like he’ll eat in bed and leave the crumbs on mattsun’s side just to piss him off. it’s funny to him for some reason, that damn sadist
  • mattsun will constantly move around in his sleep and he’ll actually talk out loud and it always wakes makki up.
  • he’s got a snapchat story ft. mattsun’s random mumbling in his sleep. at least 8 of them are about makki (which he’s never posted and has left him red-faced)