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okay gUYS but that new BSD chapter though i am DEAD

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Dark has a major daddy kink? Or calls people kitten? I need this in my life pls

Hmm, now I don’t doubt that in the slightest. He probably wouldn’t try to let it show, of course. He’s supposed to seduce you, not the other way around, but he does enjoy being called “daddy” I’m sure.

As for calling people “kitten”, yes, like, a thousand times yes. I’m sure he uses all sorts of little pet names like that. Kitten, pumpkin, cupcake, princess/prince, whatever he sees that the other person enjoys the most. It’s a part of his seduction aspect, and he pulls it off well, saying it in just the voice that sends shivers down your spine. Though if you don’t like pet names, he’ll try to go for something else. Little phrases to drive you crazy and go red in the face.

It’s probably from years of watching people, but he’s very good at what he does.

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Name: Skyler!! Although people have started calling me Sky- and idk if I like it or not yet?? But I do like that people give me nicknames- so idk

Gender: the manliest bro out there

Star Sign: Gemini!!

Height: Uh shit idk- I think I’m 5′6 ish??

Sexual Orientation: I’m a gay piece of shit

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff lmao

Favorite Color: Blues and gray!! And I also really like yellow-

Favorite Animal: All of them?? I mean- how can I not love them all?? But I do have a preference for any animal that wants me to pet it

Favorite Time of Day: Midnight- before I get tired but after the rest of my family has been asleep for awhile! I can’t do much without waking them up but it’s nice to know I won’t get yelled at

Avg. Hours of Sleep: Either 12 or 2 no in-between 

Cats or Dogs?: I love both so much!! But I think I lean towards either really big dogs or cats- so uh haha both? I just don’t love small dogs as much as I do giant ones

Favorite Fictional Characters: uhh fuck nope I’m not doing this I can’t remember anyone’s name rn

Favorite Singer/Band: anything disney and most musical soundtracks- or uh- prob blink-182 because I’m garbage

Dream Trip: I’m really not picky- I just want to go somewhere with friends! The farther from home the better tho

Dream Job: I wanna be a baker

When was this blog made?:  June of 2013- 

What made you make this blog?: Friends I had insisted I make one and now we don’t talk anymore but I’m still here on this god awful website 

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Name: Deborah

Nicknames: Debby

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Height: 5′7

Orientation: Straight af

Ethnicity: Italian

Favorite Fruit: Kiwi

Favorite Season: Summer

Favorite Book: Pfft I don’t fucking read 😂

Favorite Flower: I don’t even know lmao

Favorite Scent: Lime???

Favorite Colour: BLUE

Favorite Animal: Gorillas, rip Harambe 🙏🏻

Coffee, tea, or cocoa?: Tea

Average Sleep Hours: 8

Cat or dog person?: Cats

Favorite Fictional Character: Bardock boi

Number of blankets you sleep with: 2

Dream Trip: Thailand, Israel, on a cruise

Blog Created: January 1, 2016

Number of Followers: 1126


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Ohmygod lmao ok here we go:

  1. Favorite EXO album?
    Exodus! Although XOXO is a close second
  2. Favorite title song?
    This is so hard omg but probably Overdose
  3. Best Era?
    Growl because ot12 and it was when they rose to fame
  4. Favorite b-side song?
    Is b-side just their non-title tracks? If so omg there’s too many but some are What If, Moonlight, Angel, Don’t Go, Lightsaber, What is Love, El Dorado, Black Pearl, Thunder, and many many more lol
  5. Who’s your bias?
    Do Kyungsoo the love of my life(๑・౩・๑)
  6. Who’s your bias wrecker?
    No one I’m too far up ksoo’s ass lmao
  7. Favorite choreography?
    Artificial Love ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  8. Favorite MV?
    Love Me Right bc it’s so aesthetic but also Monster bc they look so hot there
  9. Favorite EXO Showtime episode?
    Episode 10 when they went in the haunted house lmao it was hilarious af. Tao cried the whole time and Kyungsoo left Luhan hahaha. Also I still need chankai’s video @ sm where is it!!!!!!!!!!
  10. EXO K or EXO M?
    Why choose one when you can choose both
  11. OT12 or OT9?
  12. Dance-line or Vocal-line?
    Vocal line
  13. Vocal-line or Rap-line?
    Vocal line still
  14. Favorite Vocalist?
    Kyungsoo ofc his voice is music to my ears it’s so deep and smooth I could listen to him talk and sing forever I’m not even exaggerating
  15. Favorite Dancer?
    Yixing I love how he dances so smoothly and powerfully without being too much (if that makes sense)
  16. Favorite Rapper?
    Chanyeol it makes me happy when I could rap his verses lol
  17. EXO First Box or Second Box?
    Second Box I still can’t get over how Baekhyun tricked Yixing and Minseok to do his missions lmaooooo and also how Kyungsoo randomly jumped in the water because he was laughing too much lmao
  18. Miracles in December or Sing For You?
    Sing For You
  19. Wolf or Growl?
  20. Is EXO your bias group?
    Right now yes but we’ll see when suju and snsd come back lmao
  21. MAMA superpowers or WOLF werewolves?
    Superpowers never let them die
  22. Favorite Friendship?
    All of them exo invented friendship ok (but chansoo is my number one)
  23. Favorite Ship?
    Uhh I don’t really ship them romantically
  24. Favorite China-line member?
  25. Aegyo Xiumin or Abs Xiumin?
    Aegyo~ I don’t get why aegyo is such a big thing in Korea though lol
  26. Do you own the EXO Lightsick?
    Sadly no (does anyone wanna buy me one)
  27. Lucky One or Monster?
    It used to be Monster but now it’s like 50/50 (go watch Lucky One on Youtube why are y'all letting it flop)
  28. XOXO or EXODUS?
  29. EXODUS or EX’ACT?
  30. Favorite OT12 moment?
    Uh idk all of them don’t ask me or I’ll cry
  31. Call Me Baby or Love Me Right?
    Love Me Right I don’t like CMB that much rip although Kyungsoo’s ‘baby girl’ part is gold
  32. Favorite EXODUS song?
    What If omg that song is a gift from above I get goosebumps every time I listen to it
  33. Favorite Beagle-line member?
    Idk I like chanbaek equally (sorry chenchen)
  34. Favorite EXO superpower?
    Time control
  35. As vocalists, Luhan or Chen?
    Chen isn’t he like one of the best kpop vocalists ever
  36. Drop That or Lightsaber?
    Lightsaber that song is my jammmmm
  37. EXOLU’XION or The Lost Planet?
    Exo'luXion because I went to one and that’s how I became an exo-l lol it was soooo amazing I miss them so much they came here a year ago omg
  38. How long did it take you to learn all their names?
    Hmmm… I don’t even remember quite a while probably lol
  39. Favorite ballad?
    What If and also Moonlight that song is sooooo good ugh I need another baeksoo duet!!!
  40. El Dorado or Black Pearl?
    Omg this is hard both!!!
  41. Least favorite ship?
  42. Kai or Jongin?
    Nini lol idk I call him by both names
  43. Favorite EXOMENTARY video?
    I actually haven’t seen any of them fully just through gifs here but Kyungsoo’s cooking video omggggggg he looked so so adorable with his glasses and he kept on talking about his mom he is so pure and when he was posing for the camera my soul ascended to heaven he is so kewt~
  44. Favorite EXO K member?
    Kyungsoo <3
  45. Favorite EXO M member?
    Yixing <3
  46. As vocalists, D.O. or Baekhyun?
  47. As rappers, Sehun or Tao?
    Sehun I mean, E-X-O? legendary
  48. Do you actually like Wolf?
    Lmao ok so this was the first song I ever heard from exo and that was in 2014/2015 and I was like I’m never listening to this group ever again lmfao but I like it way better now I feel like the song is actually good but the chorus just ruins it (anyone feel me)
  49. Favorite OTP moment?
    When chanyeol elbowed ksoo while he was drinking but then ksoo was like bitch you thought and spit the water at yeol’s face lmfaooooo best thing ever and also when ksoo was playing with that toy thing and it suddenly became shaped like a dong and he hit chanyeol with it lmao how did that even happen
  50. Have you ever seen EXO live?
    Yes omg best day everrrrrrrrrr will I ever see them again why are they not coming to chicago this year I am livid
  51. Moment that made you cry?
    Idk every time they get emo I get emo too
  52. Most handsome member?
    Chanyeol and Kyungsoo mehehe
  53. Do you still watch EXO Showtime occasionally?
    Hahaha yes I watch random clips on youtube sometimes that show was pure gold when are we getting another exo show!!!
  54. Cutest member?
    Kyungsoo ahhhhhhhh he is so squishy I wanna pinch his cheeks and hug him so badly ahhhhhhh
  55. First bias?
    I actually don’t know. Probably Chanyeol bc I thought he was cute before so I followed his ig lol then I started looking more into exo after that
  56. Favorite XOXO song?
    Don’t Go and Peter Pan
  57. Favorite Baekhyun era?
    Monster that was his era tbh 
  58. SatanSoo or SquishySoo?
    Get yourself a man who can do both
  59. Xiuhan or Hunhan?
    I don’t really know many moments of them so I’ll just choose both lol
  60. Favorite EXO photocard?
    All of ksoo’s photocard like wow king of consistency but I really love his love me right photocards he looks extra soft in them
  61. Sehun’s eyebrows or Sehun’s legs?
    Eyebrows omg I’m so jealous of his eyebrows they’re always on fleek
  62. Favorite EXO pet?
    Vivi the sass king
  63. Hyung-line or Maknae-line?
    Maknae line (still can’t believe ksoo’s a part of maknae line lol)
  64. Favorite EXODUS song?
    What If
  65. Favorite movie with an EXO member in it?
    Hyung omg that movie was such a blessing ksoo showing his abs and him in boxers I died a million times while watching it but it was so sad too and I loved his chemistry with jo jung suk
  66. How did you get into EXO?
    Ok I actually used to hate exo lmao rip but I started listening to their songs in 2015 bc they kept on showing up on suju’s posts on instagram so I looked them up and I liked their songs then I started following them on ig and when suju members left for the army I started watching exo shows and they were funny and I made a kpop tumblr account last year and I liked them more then I went to their concert in chicago even though I didn’t really know them all back then and it was amazing and I fell in love with them after it so yeah
  67. Mom!Suho or Sexy!Suho?
  68. Promise or Heaven?
  69. Tao’s Z.TAO or Luhan’s Reloaded?
    I haven’t listened to both 
  70. Favorite EX’ACT song?
    White Noise
  71. Xiumin bun or Luhan bun?
    Both they look adorable with buns
  72. Have you ever not liked a member?
    Welllllllll I didn’t like Baekhyun or Sehun or Suho or Kris before don’t ask me why bye
  73. Favorite Chen solo song?
    Best Luck!
  74. Baekyeol or Baekyeon?
    Both? Although I wish there were more baekyeon moments lol I wanna see them interact again
  75. Cold city guy Kris or Dorky Kris?
    Both lol 
  76. Favorite EXO Cover song?
    Every song Kyungsoo or chansoo has ever covered tbh
  77. Did you cry when listening to Promise?
    No but the lyrics are so sad :c
  78. EXO song that you do not like?
    I don’t really like The Star, Run, and like all their Japanese songs lol I didn’t even finish listening to any of them rip
  79. Favorite Couple Talk (from EXO first box)?
    Wait I thought this was from second box but anyways chensoo and kaisoo like how did Chen pinch ksoo’s cheek unscathed and also kaisoo was just so adorable and I like how they threw Chanyeol under the bus lmao
  80. Favorite Kai era?
    Overdose bless his hair during that era
  81. As dancers, Kai, Sehun, or Lay?
    Hey Lay~
  82. Baekhyun’s (ft. Suzy) Dream or Baekhyun’s (ft. K. Will) The Day?
    Dream bc I like Suzy too
  83. Favorite EXO member IG account?
    @kimkaaaaaa never forget
  84. Favorite award performance?
    엑소(EXO) - 으르렁(Growl) + 늑대와 미녀(Beauty and the Beast) at 2013 MAMA like this is literal art and it will always be their best performance ever but it also pains me because ksoo danced for so long with a twisted ankle and it didn’t even look like it at all he’s so professional at everything he does huhu my bby (and also I’m the cameraman always showing my queens hyoyeon and seohyun in the video lmao)
  85. If you could get any of the MID gifts, what would you get?
    Kris’ painting bc who doesn’t want a Picasso artwork
  86. Kaisoo or TaeKai?
    Kaisoo I love them so much why are they not interacting a lot lately
  87. Favorite Chanyeol gif?
    The iconic Chanyeol and Kris gif here on tumblr that has 200k+ notes
  88. MAMA or History?
  89. Favorite lyrics?
    Chogiwa like wow
  90. Favorite Suho era?
  91. Red haired D.O., yes or no?
  92. Favorite Chanyeol Rap?
    Love is a high, we feelin’ alive, You lovin’ the size
  93. Favorite fanfiction?
    I don’t read fanfiction
  94. Lay’s Go, Fighting! Or Luhan’s Running Man?
    I haven’t seen both but Go Fighting bc I’ve seen hilarious gifs of it and Yixing’s faces were priceless and also that one scene where the box hit his face was so funny and omg that scene when he just woke up /dead/
  95. Pathcodes or Wolf Drama?
    Pathcode even though it has nothing to do with CMB except for the song title lol but apparently they might do this again bc pathcode was supposed to be for the album they’re coming out with this year so I’m excited
  96. Taohun or Taoris?
    Both idk I should probably watch more moments of exo-m members
  97. EXO Showtime or EXO Next Door?
    Showtime! I haven’t seen END and I don’t really wanna watch it bc it looks so cringy lmao although I do wanna watch it for that one chanhun scene and bc everyone looks so soft
  98. Most significant song for you?
    Angel bc I fell in love with that song when I first heard it and I wouldn’t stop listening to it for days before and even now
  99. Who are your top 3 members?
  100. Why do you like EXO?
    Because they bring me so much happiness everyday and they are so talented and hardworking yet still humble and they inspire me to work hard too and I love their love for each other wow I’m so emo now bye

This took so long omg but thanks!!!

i would just,,, like to take a moment to appreciate lance in the simulator scene 

alright thank u for ur time


Some really quick RedrawReigens because it occurred to me late one night that Mouri Kogoro from Detective Conan was the original anime meme man in a suit and it’s changed my outlook on life.


I was waiting this for ages