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Andrew Minyard didn’t look like much in person, blonde and five feet even, but Neil knew better. Andrew was the Foxes’ freshman goalkeeper and their deadliest investment.

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A  -  AGE :  24.
B  -  BIRTHPLACE :  north-east england.
C  -  CURRENT  TIME :  17:37.
D  -  DRINK  YOU  HAD  LAST :  chamomile tea.
E  -  EASIEST  PERSON  TO  TALK  TO :  @casgliadkingdcm tbh. i can tell anna legit anything.
F  -  FAVORITE  SONG :  introduced species by hands like houses.
G  -  GROSSEST  MEMORY : idk, i block that stuff out. 
H  -  HORROR  YES  OR  HORROR  NO : horror yes.
I  -  IN  LOVE ? :  nah.
J  -  JEALOUS  OF  PEOPLE : not particularly. envious sometimes.
K  -  KILLED  SOMEONE :  lmao what
M  -  MIDDLE  NAME(s):  don’t have one!
O  -  ONE  WISH :  kh3 to actually come out next year??
P  -  PERSON  YOU  CALLED  LAST :  uhhh i don’t really call people, probably the doctor’s or smth.
Q  -  QUESTION  YOU’RE  ALWAYS  ASKED : “are u ok” yes friend i merely suffer from resting bitch face
R  -  REASON  TO  SMILE : dog memes
S  -  SONG  YOU  SANG  LAST :  probably sang along w/ ‘how far i’ll go’ last time i heard it
T  -  TOP  3  FICTIONAL  CHARACTERS :  i cannot possibly only pick 3 wtf. in no order: hermione granger, will herondale, prompto.
U  -  UNDERWEAR  COLOR :  green 
V  -  VACATION :  idk, japan, australia, france, scotland.
W  -  WHEN’S  YOUR  BIRTHDAY :  january 3rd
X  -  XRAYS :  only one i think, i’d hurt my foot at school and couldn’t walk properly for weeks after. oh and one on my wrist from falling over as a kid but i don’t remember that one.
Y  -  YOUR  FAVORITE  FOOD : pasta <3
Z  -  ZODIAC  SIGN :  capricorn

happy birthday to a special bean!


seokmin + MVs

↳ 1997.02.18 | happy birthday to the love & light of my life ☀️


#AoT week || Day 2: Devotion

  • Option A: Favourite Character
  • Option B: Favourite Titan Shifter
  • Option C: Favourite Minor Character

 ↳ Bertholdt Hoover || The Colossal Titan


vento aureo is pretty good so far….also i found out i really like drawing giorno

The signs when you push their buttons or try too

Aries: there is a 99.9% chance they won’t stop until they see blood so don’t do it pls

Taurus: they aren’t quick to pop off on anybody but when triggered they’ll black out on you

Gemini: actually won’t even be mad but would be petty af the whole time watching your dumbass get mad off of the shit they say

Cancer: they’ll actually cry outta frustration but don’t underestimate them they’ll drag you

Leo: if they get their ass beat or not they will ALWAYS talk their shit

Virgo: will try to brush it off as much as possible but you put your hands on them game over

Libra: messing with them is like pushing the jokers buttons

Scorpio: you have awoken satan

Sagittarius: you’ll deadass be in coma so don’t do it

Capricorn: on sight means on sight when they see you , you better duck lmao

Aquarius: will disrespect the fuck outta you and beat ur ass any given time.

Pisces: won’t do anything but will have somebody beat ur ass, ur not worth getting their hands dirty.