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Once upon a time in ROH…


make me choose: anon asked - Rick Grimes or Shane Walsh  

Day 4, aspirations and hobbies. The sweet and delicate scent of freshly baked cakes was the only thing softening his agent life.

I headcanon Vanderwood as being into cooking and baking and absolutely nothing in this universe will convince me otherwise.



Favourite Christmas Films
101 Dalmatians (1996)

Fools aren’t born, Pongo. Pretty girls make them in their spare time.

Cons of this morning: Woke up early for a dentists appointment and now my mouth feels comparatively out of sorts

Pros: Met my neighbors dog for the first time and I love them

Y’all Remember When

shoma wore that pink bow at wtt 2017 because i just remembered and now i’m cryin again

“So how’s the fic writing going?”

This or That-Tea

Do you favor hot tea or cold tea drinks (iced tea, tea lattes, etc)? Sugar or no sugar in your tea? Boba, tapioca pearls, or jellies? Green, black, white, or herbal? Flavor-wise do you prefer fruity, nutty, spiced, grassy, or other? Do you use a stove-top kettle, single cup brewer, or other method?

I’m always genuinely surprised when people say they don’t like stony/stony is abusive/stony hate each other and then I remember that they’re talking about the mcu

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can you talk about your fave alec moments from 2a?

Oh man. There’s so much, there’s basically too much – I didn’t actually think there was that much, but wow there’s actually so much because literally every Alec scene is my favourite scene as I am a simple girl with easy standards. But I’ll try to, like, not talk for six thousand years. Let’s see how it goes lmao.

#1 Best Top Alec Scene of All Time Ever: Alec v. Aldertree, 2x09

Oh man. Oh man. This was…this was such a gift…I can’t even describe how I feel about it adequately. Like our boy is a saltine at the best of times, but that aspect is sort of is tempered by his forced respect for authority (which is a whole nother conversation which I’ve talked about a few times) – so against an authority figure, in the past, Alec has been sort of passive-aggressive (for lack of a better word); like in 1x09, he stares down Lydia and hands the folder to his mom against her command, and in 2x01 he still takes Lydia’s dismissal instead of contesting it. So I like this scene especially because you see him coming out of that, but it’s not OOC or anything, firstly because shedding his adherence to authority has been a part of his arc since 1x12 (and was reinforced in 2x08 with his conflicts with his mother), and also – and more significantly imo – it’s because of his family. Isabelle specifically. 

So that “I’ll do anything for my sister,” authoritative, salty as fuck Alec just taking his Institute back that this scene brought out is my favourite ever Alec and I hope he’s here to stay. (Actually, I hope we see him struggle a bit more with his identity as a Shadowhunter, his duty to the Clave and his parents and following orders and the like, since that was a key part of his character in S1 and it would be so cool to see him actually deal with that, but that’s a whole nother thing as well). And leader!Alec has always been my favourite Alec, and there’s nothing more I want to see than Alec being the head of the institute like he deserves to be (seeing a struggle for power between Alec/the Lightwoods/Aldertree would be SO NICE too, and I’m actually really interested to see how power is going to shift hands in 2B in the Institute. Maybe seeing Alec have to navigate the messy quagmire of Shadowhunter/Clave politics which puts him at odds with the others who don’t get how complicated it is because the consequences of any insubordination are going to fall on his shoulders as the leader sorta like how it was in S1. And I’m also kind of interested to see how Alec navigates the whole “preserving the Lightwood honour” thing from last year - how much he values that now compared to the huge lengths he went to for the Lightwood name in the first season. That would be so cool).

And honestly, that smirk and that salty little pat on Aldertree’s shoulder ended my life. It ended my life.

I just put the rest in chronological order but i just had to mention this one first lol so here we goooo

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tonight was such a wonderful night considering i could see fuck all for 80% of the concert because we got stuck behind the 5 tallest people on the planet probably and we didn’t arrive until 7 because we were at the pub lmao but i had the best time ever it was one of the best shows i’ve ever been to not just because they played rare prizes but because of the way the whole thing felt and sounded and vibed it was just magical and that goes to show that the music speaks louder than any aesthetic/cosmetic changes they make to the way their records look or how their stage is set up