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In honor of Sougo’s birthday, why not post a few more photos? So here, have a lil collection of fave pics from the ones I’ve taken in the past few days !! I wanted more variety but the best pics ended up being from this one outfit ; ω ; lighting is really bad to handle here at home!! As always the lens barely show, uwah // But I’m still happy with these!

Maybe I can never be as cute as Sougo, but when cosplaying as him, I surely do feel a lot cuter than I usually do! So that’s another reason why this boy is so special to me ♡ Thanks for letting me borrow your cuteness for these photos, my darling! ´ ω` ~♪

I love Sougo so much… And i7 in general! Because it brings me so much happiness in many different ways… I can’t help but feel a little emotional thinking about it waah ; ω ;” Yeah maybe I DO take fictional character birthdays too seriously but honestly? I don’t really care wahaha ~☆


Happy 28th Birthday, Jiyong! #Happy28GDay

You’ve been working so hard past year, completing BIGBANG’s album, doing sub-units with Seunghyun hyung and Youngbae, now we’re here celebrating your 28th birthday!

Time has flown so fast, last year you were celebrating with so many solo achievements and now BIGBANG keeps topping the charts every month since May. I’m really happy that BIGBANG is doing really well, and all your hard work this past year is paying off.

With tours and endless schedule for BIGBANG until next year, you seem really tired, after recording you need to get to the airport and then do a concert in another country. I worry a lot about your health, but I believe in you, I know you know your limit, and I know that this is what you’re working hard for.

I just want you to be happy, no matter what. I’ll always emphasize this because you being happy is the most important thing to me.

Watching you working hard for years, I’m always so proud of you, and you deserve so much happiness. You make people happy with the music you made, the laughter you shared, the moments you made us experience. I hope we bring joy to you and you’ll feel our love. Even when they’re not enough, I hope at least they’re not bringing any negative feeling instead.

You’re such a lovely and beautiful person, Jiyong. I hope you know that and I wish you all the good things in the world. Happy birthday once again. Let’s go through your 28th and make it a wonderful one. I love you, we all love you!♥

I’ve finally finished my piece for ffixweek. And to think I tried to finish this on the eve of the anniversary, haha! I’m so very proud of this one and so glad I could pay homage to my favourite game! Happy Birthday, Final Fantasy IX. Thank you for making my childhood a golden one.