lmao at the guy clearing their way

the standards for michonne and black women on television in general is a little ridiculous?? michonne shows her strength, power, and intelligence since the episode she was introduced and through several seasons… she is badly hurt in one fight with a girl and suddenly she’s an expendable member according to you guys. like?? rick gets his ass beat every other episode, even michonne beat his ass, and you’re willing to overlook that cause.. what? i see everyone up daryl’s ass 24/7 but let’s not even talk about how many times this man has gotten the group or himself into a compromising position. this isn’t to disrespect the other people apart of this show, but it is so clear that there is a double standard for the women and particularly the black women and the way y'all perceive them when they’re not 100% emotionless killing machines lmao js

Shindeku Week Day 3: Trust / Rivals

One of the things I like the most about this guys is that they are really similar yet not the same, and they are really different but still similar in some way. Do I make myself clear? No? Okay (lol) THE THING IS that I feel they would be very good rivals so Horikoshi bring my son back please and thank you

(You have to imagine them holding hands & stuff here. Shitty background because I’m a mediocre artist)

PSA # 2


Hoppe ni Himawari (Sunflowers on your Cheeks) by Mita Ori

Its the love story between two high school students Yoneda and Arai. It’s sweet, fluffy, easy going, and has no unnecessary sexualization. Both are friends and admire each other. Mutual pinning heck yea baby 


-Features a wonderful chubby boy as main interest (hello new son)

-His chubbyness, girly-ishness is never seen as a bad thing (or a fetish), rather as something arai likes about him 

-yonechan talks about his insecurities being chubby and thinking he’d never find love,  but now that he’s found it he’s happy exploring these new feelings

-”But we’re both boys” is never an issue between them, when Yoneda feels he might be a replacement for a girl Arai makes it clear he is not

-Yone chan has a brief moment of maybe i should diet, but then reconsiders

-When asked if he wants to be fat all his life he answers “That would be fine”

- His bae’s like i love u just the way u are 

-There’s a ghost who’s a ghost supposedly bc he’s never touched boobs lmao

-This adorably buffy guy

-This is the most hardcore thing happening , bc mind u they’re teens 

imma spoil u a lil, it has a happy ending 



Manga edits from:  helloblackandwhitecity , yaoi-reading , obligationalclown

hey guys!! so I’ve been in the studyblr community for a couple months and I got a question on how I survived AP World History on my personal account from: @x0kristin101. I figured instead of answering this question in private, I could share it with you all! I got a Some of these tips can probably used for some other class(es) but I specifically used these for AP World History! 

*disclaimer #1: most of these strategies/methods/tips were demanded by my teacher, but it does take personal motivation*

*disclaimer #2: I got a 3 on the AP Exam which qualifies for college credit at MOST colleges, HOWEVER check with whichever colleges you plan on attending/applying so you know what you need to strive for*

1. Read the text!!

    • AP World History is a very hefty and work intensive course, that spans from 3000BC all the way to the present! Reading the text once or twice a week will really help the information sink in. If you can, mark up the text and circle words you find important or underline sentences that state main ideas. DO NOT SKIP ANYTHING WHEN YOU READ. Read the chapter for its entirety

2. Take Notes. pls. 

    • Taking notes is crucial because when you write something, it becomes ingrained in your brain and afterwards, review your notes in whichever way works best for you, whether its reading or rewriting them. The way I took notes was I would read through the chapter once, then I would go back and read the first paragraph of each section. 
    • After that I would write the MAIN IDEA of what I just read in my own words. Underneath it, I would put bullet points of details from that section. At the end of my notes, I would do a compare & contrast chart of any 2(or more) things from the chapter. Next, I would talk about any DIFFUSION that happened like anything that went from one civilization to another and changed with that other culture.
    • Then 10-20 words from the text that you did not know that are related to the chapter like Teotihuacan or Montezuma or Olmecs, then define them.
    • Lastly, write a summary using SPICE categories. SPICE = Social, Political, Intellectual, Cultural and Economics. My summaries always came out long, but if they don’t that’s okay :) 
  • 3. Flashcards.
    • Flashcards for us were due EVERY FRIDAY. On the blank side, you would write the term. In the upper left corner, you would write the chapter and the page number you found the term. On the back you would write the basic definition of what it was. Skip a line then write a little bit more of an in depth explanation. On the last line, you write the significance of that person, place, thing, idea, religion, etc.
    • How to Study these flashcards: go through them once. Make 3 piles: the ones you definitely know, the ones you sort of know, and the ones you didn’t know AT ALL. After you complete the first run, move the pile of the Do Knows out of the way. No need to study them if you know it already!! 
    • Put the Sort Of Knows and Don’t Knows in a pile and study those. As you study those, go through them and make a pile of the ones you Do Know and the Don’t Knows.  
    • Repeat aforementioned steps until you are out of flashcards. 
    • NOW TAKE A 15 MINUTE BREAK! run, sleep, eat, talk with a friend, watch TV. THEN COME BACK TO THEM and study them again. The human brain learns better in short bursts, not long hours. That’s why the Pomodoro Technique kicks ass :)

4. Focus on the Main Ideas & Be Able to Connect Topics/Ideas

    • The only way the CollegeBoard is going to fit over 3000 years of history on the 70 question multiple choice part is by giving you questions on Main Ideas. They want to see if you can make connections with any random things. Like on the year I took the test, they asked what Gandhi and Mao Zedong had in common. 
    • At the end of each chapter, write down what you think the main ideas are. Your teacher should cover or express what the main ideas are. Sometimes they are mentioned right in the text. If you aren’t sure, talk to your teacher!
    • To connect ideas, make mindmaps or practice taking 2 random things and seeing how they are connected. You can create Links like we have for APUSH, where you pick 4 random topics/people/events/etc and you have to find a way they are connected. 

5. Practice DBQs/Do Practice Tests

    • The Document Based Question or better known as the DBQ is pretty self explanatory: they give you a question and then you have to read documents tied to that question. This is THE HARDEST essay merely because there are SO many components that you need to have in order to get the grade. I can’t give much advice on this (lo siento) but all I can say is PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE
    • DO PRACTICE TESTS. You need to practice doing 70MC questions in 55 Minutes and you need to practice writing ALL THREE ESSAYS within the given time period. If you buy a prep book, it should have a practice test. Or try talking to your teacher about accessing some if they do not provide you with any practice tests in class. 

6. Try Your Best! 

    • It’s going to be okay. AP World History is a lot of work but its SO much fun. You learn about why people are the way they are and you become educated about different cultures and …its amazing. Do it. 

Thanks for reading this and I hope it helped! If you guys want, I can do another masterpost on taking notes from a textbook so the taking notes part is a little more clear? Same with flashcards? Please let me know if you liked this!! 

Much love, xo

GOT7 Reaction: You getting distracted easily.

Mark: He’d be patient with you, but would sometimes have to fight for your attention. When your ADHD kicked in really bad, he’d get a tad frustrated, but would never show it. He’d make sure to talk about things that were interesting to keep your attention when he wanted it.

Originally posted by jypnior

JB: He’d be a little annoyed if he couldn’t keep your attention in a conversation, especially if it was a serious conversation. If you would just look away for a minute while still talking to him, he’d deal with it, but if you completely zoned out and didn’t listen or pay any attention, he’d be upset.

Originally posted by nyeong-ing

Jackson: He’s probably the same way, tbh. It’d be hard for him to keep your attention and for you to keep his at times. Now, like JB, he’d become serious and pay close attention if the subject matter were serious, and get annoyed if you didn’t pay attention, but it’d be easier to understand for him.

Originally posted by baekbun

Jinyoung: He’d have so many issues if you didn’t have a good enough attention span for him, lmao. He’d be the guy to clear his throat or snap to get your attention back on him. He has no time for getting distracted constantly. 

Originally posted by soulmatesjjp

Youngjae: He’d be conflicted, but also think you’re cute. On one end, he’d be kinda annoyed that he can’t keep your attention, but on the other, he’d think you getting distracted by dogs or something shiny on the ground would be really cute.

Originally posted by holyfuckmark

Bambam: He’d find ways to keep your attention. He’d find an interesting subject to talk about or he’d get you engaged on something that would involve you moving and action. He probably has a hard time focusing himself so i can see him finding something to keep your attention.

Originally posted by pinkhoodiemark

Yugyeom: He’d be doing random things every now and then to make sure he had your attention. He’d make a funny sound, poke your side to tickle you, or even give you a peck on the cheek/lips. He’d make sure he kept your attention.

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Thank you for your response and I agree and feel the same way. The c*rzekiel I was talking about was her saying "you don't get to do that" when he wants to be left behind but you're right I could be being paranoid because there's nothing inherently romantic about that (it actually parallels Carol and Morgan from season 6 which I think is telling) but yeah idk when it was decided that Carol can't interact with characters she's known for seasons at this point. It's disappointing and frustrating

Oh, yes when I saw what she says to him I had an eyeroll moment.

My gut reaction was that it would be bonding for them but that’s probably because I’M paranoid, lmao. I actually think she’ll deliver that line in a fed up, annoyed way.

I don’t see it being a gentle thing. I see her wanting to get through to this guy fast so they don’t end up having to strap him to Jerry’s back unwilling just to get him home. ;)

We know in the comics that Michonne has some of this arc and when Zeke loses his men and gets very down she’s super annoyed with him and actually punches him.

Now, Carol is not comic Michonne, That much is clear, but there are elements to her story line that are taken from that and I can see them letting her be irritated by his lack of cooperation right off the bat and that just sort of grows as he continues to mope.

Also, Dale told Andrea the same thing “Nope, you don’t get to do that.” In the early season, so it’s also a callback.

Bottom line, I don’t think this is a shippy moment for them but I’m not here for it anyway :/

Carol being used to boost men’s story line is overdone and I want her to have her own fucking story that has some resolution. Also, if they are so dead set on letting her help a wounded man maybe clue her in on what happened to Daryl back when he was held hostage so she can be there for the one guy she actually loves?

It’s pretty grating that she’s going to be there to WITNESS Zeke’s downfall with her own two eyes and yet everything that happened with Daryl is likely something no one will ever mention to her.

Anywayyyyyy, I’m less annoyed this morning but still miffed at this ep and it hasn’t even aired yet. Maybe it’ll be better than I expect once it does. I hope so.


You really got to see Andi at her best and at her worst (not worst like she did anything bad but just in terms of her character’s emotional state)

Throughout the episode, she’s obviously struggling about whether or not to tell Jonah the truth. And she’s adamant about the fact that she shouldn’t tell him while Buffy has the complete opposite opinion. I really love what she says in reponse to Cyrus when he says “He’s like a human sun beam” and she retorts “Well, he needs to be eclipsed.”

I think some people might write it off as some witty one liner but I think that was a little hint into Jonah as a character and how he isn’t the giant puppy we all know and adore. I think we were all Cyrus when he said “I didn’t need to know Jonah was human.” Oh but we do, Cyrus. We do.

But back to Andi. Who dealt with ALOT this episode like my goodness. Amber’s shit, Jonah’s shit, and now her FATHER’S BACK.

Jfc can my child get A BREAK? 😩😩

But Peyton Lee nailed it and she’s seriously coming into her own as Andi. As I mentioned before, we really did see this character rise and fall in this episode and as a TV fanatic, it was so engaging to me. When Andi finally does tell Jonah, it basically backfires when Amber finds out and confronts her. In front of Jonah. Who is wayyyy too much of a people-pleaser (his greatest flaw) to stop her.

But instead of being intimidated and letting Amber have the final word, which I feel every other TV show would have done tbh, Andi said bissshh? I’m not gonna stand here and listen to your LYIN ASS. And she didn’t. Granted she slipped and fell after that amazing comeback but hey, it’s Andi. Her exit wasn’t gonna be without a little stumble.

And then we get Andi and Jonah’s scene in the auditorium which was BEAUTIFULLY FILMED. LIKE WOW. Just the entire visual…it really set up the tense conversation they were about to have and i LOVED IT. And can I also point out the fact that these two had a CONVERSATION? Like ik it may seem trivial but you know if this was any other show, there wouldve been zero attempt to try and hash it out so I just appreciate Jonah taking the time to find Andi. It really speaks to his character. But in regards to the conversation, we really see Andi shine here. Like the girl is pretty fed up. And not necessarily bc she likes Jonah and it’s kinda breaking her heart but bc he’s being a BAD FRIEND. After Andi spent all day trying to come up with the best way to not hurt Jonah’s feelings, Andi ends up being hurt. And she makes that clear. And Jonah’s apology isn’t going to cut it. And it shouldn’t.


–Have I mentioned how much I adore Buffy and Marty? Like this girl does not give a **** about this guy but he’s so whipped. Lmao. I really love how they’re developing the dynamic between them though. It’s really interesting and I think it’s going to be an unexpected challenge for Buffy. Let’s see if she wins. 

– Celia and Bex. Such a rollercoaster with these two. And if I’m being honest, most of the time I’m on Celia’s side. Maybe it’s bc I grew up in an African-American household where spilling apple juice on a nice keyboard would’ve gotten me the whooping of my life but i digress. In this episode, it clear that there’s still animosity between the two and I doubt it will change any time soon. But in some ways, Celia is grateful for her daughter even if she’s pretty sucky at expressing it. Her going to Bex’s job to get her makeup done probably hurt her pride a little bit but I think, in a subtle way, she was showing Bex some support. But bruh.

Bex seriouuusly needs to grow up. Don’t get me wrong, i adore Bex as a person but I don’t think she understands fully what Andi being her daughter means. I don’t think she gets that throwing her parties, letting her watch scary movies on  school night, writing her doctor notes when she isn’t sick, etc. It just shows a lack of responsibility. Which is a given since Bex has been playing the absentee sister role for thirteen years. I can’t wait for Bex’s reality check though. You’re her mother, Bex. Not her friend. 

—also i was missing cyrus ( @persongoingfast ) ALOT this episode sooo yeah. let’s fix that. 

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larries have probably never been around a straight man (good for them) bc straight men are OBSESSED with penis jokes and drawing penis and pretending things are penis and etc lmao they act as if those jokes were somehow proof of their homosexuality

I wouldn’t say straight guys, but just guys in general.

I find it a bit disturbing how Larries seem to have such a low level view of what masculinity is and what dudes do that they think is so subversive that they consider them to be clear deliberate “signs” being sent to them about their sexuality. Like wearing pink is a huge deal for Larries. What men have they been around where they don’t wear pink at all? Or the affection or ways men joke together.

You’d honestly think every man a Larrie has met just walks around in all black punching bears in the face and ravaging every woman in his line of vision in a way that could be considered convincing and never ever makes eye contact with other men lest they have to fight afterwards to release the sudden flaring of sexual tension.

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I don't want to come off as clueless or ignorant, but what makes you think that Noora was Julie's self-insert?

she’s said in interviews that noora is very similar to her and that noorhelm was based on an old relationship (the guy she named william after is named odd-magnus williamson…) and once you realize this it becomes so clear how she prioritizes noora and william above all other characters as a way to live out an alternate version of her high school relationship lmao


I’ve accepted the truth that you were once Anakin Skywalker, my father. It is the name of your true self. You’ve only forgotten. I know there  is good in you. The Emperor hasn’t driven it from you fully. That is  why you couldn’t destroy me. I will not fight you, father.  Your thoughts betray you, father. I feel the good in you…the conflict. You couldn’t bring yourself to kill me before, and I don’t believe you’ll destroy me now.

I’ll never turn to the dark side. I am a Jedi, like my father before me.

Chapter 504 Thoughts

Thanks to yonkouproductions for the early chapter!

Everyone already said it, but I’m saying it again because I can. Why do Gray and Natsu not know to check for a pulse?!!! Why is their first reaction, “waifu is dead!!! Must RAGE!!!!” I’m fine with the rage, but dude, if your waifu’s life really was hanging in the balance, and you just decided she’s dead, when she’s actually not, she just needed some medical attention ASAP, but you run off, leaving her for a lost cause instead, then she really would be dead, puppy! (sorry for the run-on sentence ^^’)

Putting that thought aside, because, let’s face it, Mashima was just simply trying to get across that, Gray and Natsu really love their waifus, to the point of bad choices/insanity, and so they could attack each other, because Gray VS Natsu!!!! 

It seems like I’m making fun of the chapter, when in reality I loved, loved, loved it lmao!

Honestly, I’ve been waiting for this. Obviously I’m a huge Gruvia shipper, but I also LOVE Nalu. It’s my second fav ship, and it also used to be my OTP back in the Tenroujima arc. So, to see that Natsu’s E.N.D. transformation was actually triggered by the fact that he thinks Lucy is DEAD? Is all kinds of wonderful. 

Gray mentioned Juvia AGAIN. Her death was the final straw. If she hadn’t “died” he would not be in this kind of anguish, nor in the mindset to attack Natsu, END or no END. Juvia was his future. She was his happiness. She was his strength and his emotional rock. She was the one making all the other losses easier to bear. And now, all that has been torn from him because she’s gone (or so he thinks). And she’s “gone,” because demons like Natsu exist. That’s his reasoning. That’s why he’s doing this.

 If not for END and Zeref, Gray would not have suffered so much in his life. He would not have lost so much. Natsu, his best friend, being just another tool of Zeref, is it for Gray. That revelation, on top of just having lost Juvia to more Zeref machinations, is where Gray draws the line. And thus he is throwing everything into the ring, because he has nothing else to lose. 

And that’s where this break comes from IMO. Because another wonderful thing happened. We saw Juvia, she wants to get to Gray. And IMO, she wants to get to Gray, because the “break” that she mentioned, is reference to Gray’s wound, which we see gush open in the next few panels after she says this. 

Juvia’s magic is flowing inside Gray. She made that blood. She sealed that wound. She knows he’s pushing himself beyond the limit, and that his life is probably hanging in the balance again, because she can feel it. That’s what I think. Juvia always had a sixth sense when it came to Gray. In this case, it goes beyond that. 

The title of the chapter can also be translated as “gash.” Gray’s gash has literally split open, and Juvia’s magic blood is being lost. And he is going full devil slayer mode on Natsu, and he probably shouldn’t be. Whether she is also feeling his mental/emotional state, that I don’t know, but it’s very likely. I think she must realize that if he’s pushing himself to this point physically, then he’s not in his right mind. She was using the last bit of her life’s energy to perform this life-saving magic on Gray, so that Gray could continue to live. Gray is essentially throwing that away, whether knowingly, or not, because he has nothing left to live for.

So, Juvia has full intention of going after Gray, to stop him from whatever he’s doing to put himself in danger again. While Lucy is going after Natsu. I don’t know if the girls will meet each other first on their way. I don’t know if Lucy will get there first. But I do think that at this point Juvia will succeed in stopping Gray, while Lucy might fail at stopping Natsu. Because Natsu’s problem is a little more serious. I feel like Natsu will be lost as END for a while (because the plot needs it to be so), and it will take more than just seeing Lucy, to make him come back to himself. But I do absolutely think Lucy also has to be the one to ultimately save him from that. That will be the climax of the arc. 

As for how Gray will react when he does see Juvia is alive, I don’t know. His feelings at this point for her are crystal clear. The guy just needs to calm down in his waifus arms lmao. I think he wont believe it’s really her at first but once he realizes he hasn’t lost everything after all, he’ll settle down, and embrace her in some way (I want a kiss, but I wont hope for it at this point. Especially because Gray probably already did kiss her ^__~). 

And then, once Gray has calmed down, and stopped trying to kill his BFF, Lucy will carry on and have to save Natsu, who’s hellbent on going after Zeref. IMO Natsu needs to be END long enough for him to attack Zeref because Lucy has to learn (from Happy) that Natsu killing Zeref also kills Natsu, and she wont let that happen. In comes the “one magic,” activated by Lucy’s deep feelings for him, and she saves him from himself, and also death, just like he has saved her throughout the series. She will be his hero, the way Juvia was Gray’s. 

I love it. It’s beautiful. Thank you, Mashima!

P.S. I saw Makarov clutching his chest in this chapter. Don’t tease us if you’re not going to go through with it. Just sayin’. ^-^ 

It’s kinda late in my country now but I still decide to up this post, cuz I have seen several comments saying why Jimin doesn’t care about Jungkook anymore (as much as he did in the past), or VMin’s more real,….. which makes me feel so funny tbh. Guys, I won’t bash other couple. All I want to say is:
1) As an Army, of course I did watch so many shows, performances, fancams and replayed a lot, so I did see all types of members’ moments (skinship, hug, kiss,…), but just Jimin and Jungkook, only Jikook did impress me. Tbh, I was so shocked when seeing their moments. Seriously, they are literally the only couple in BTS that both of them are so weird. Even the non fans, my friends from another fandoms can make it out, why do Jikook shippers like us have to worry?
2) Still don’t understand why people can say Jungkook hates Jimin a lot,.. bla bla (have a check-up as soon as possible pls cuz I’m pretty sure ur eyes are short-sighted….)
I dare to state that JIKOOK IS 100% FISHY. Want some proofs, no ‘some’, cuz there are f*cking SO MANYYY subtle evidences that when being discovered, they make u get goose bumps literally, yet so over-excited. Even some hints that only after USING EARPHONES to watch the FULL HD videos, fancams AT NIGHT (no noise at all or being distracted) was I literally taken aback by what I made out.
In conclusion, I’ll start sharing with u guys all Jikook hints, just from 2015 until now, cuz this is the time when Jungkook did change gradually, I’ll post when I have time~ u have my words. Here is the first one. It’s kinda clear tbh

Don’t u guys seeing Park Jimin was so damn jealous?? Just by looking at the way Jimin acted and the way PD talking with Jungkook - freaking gentle, he must have been found maknae too cute to handle lmao:)))
BUT wtfff were u doing Jeon Jungkookie?? omgg his face his expression his smile,… all exactly the same when he met Minwoo. Jungkook is the type who gets shy easily to strange hyungs, sunbaes so he automatically becomes a super adorable/cute shy boy that hardly resistable at all. It’s the reason why the PD acted like that, he even patted and smiled fondly at Kookie, which made Jimin walked away lol:))))) I love this fancam tks a lot for sharing this^^ u really make my day~

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please tell me all about my new son cosmos

kicks out my leg well

1- he’s a fairly… selectively social dude and only really hangs out with lahoré and vitani willingly but besides those two he much prefers his own space and has a short temper if people continuously try to converse with him when he’s made it clear that he’s not interested

2- in saying that, he’s not the kind of guy to lash out in any way whether it be verbally or physically, if he’s bothered he’ll usually just get up and move away from someone without a word

3- he’s very stubborn and doesn’t enjoy showing positive emotions, in fact it’s usually difficult to tell what he’s thinking bc he always seems to have a permanent scorn on his face

4- cosmos is fairly non verbal by his own choice as he doesn’t really believe talking is something that needs to be done constantly, and he isn’t really fond of speaking more than a short sentence at a time to get his thoughts across

5- he finds it very difficult to come to terms with his feelings for elektr, and always pushes him away in a way that comes across as arrogant and rude

6- he’s a black belt in three kinds of martial arts but doesn’t really use his skills unless it’s to knock elektr on his ass 

7- money is his lifeblood and he inherited more than he needed for life from his ancestor, and he refuses to spend money on anyone - even if they’re only asking for a measly dollar

8- he only owns and wears women’s clothes, as he hates men’s fashion - he also goes out of his way to buy some of the most expensive clothing items available

9- despite refusing to spend money on anyone - after a bad experience with elektr that resulted in him destroying all of his most valued belongings in a fit of self-hatred and distressed compulsiveness, cosmos quietly replaced all of the other’s belongings, even when the damages went into the $1000s - as a weird way of apologising and showing that he really does care

10- he’s very good at mathematics and other general science-y stuff but doesn’t particularly care for pursuing a field relating to that

Drop one of my characters’ names in my inbox and I’ll tell you 10 facts about them

bts lyrics starters o3

back at it again with the drabble games for now, before publishing the requests. send in your bias or a memberxmember along with a number(s)! let’s go.

forever young

  1. Did I have any mistakes today
  2. But I’m still happy of who I have become
  3. Because I can make someone scream for joy
  4. I hold onto the lingering feelings
  5. I fear the emptiness
  6. I pretend to be blunt about it
  7. It’s not even the first time
  8. Even though I try to hide it I can’t
  9. I comfort myself
  10. That there isn’t a perfect world
  11. I’m becoming emptier
  12. It can’t be mine forever
  13. I say to myself shamelessly
  14. Between the rain of petals
  15. We wander and run through this maze
  16. We are young

house of cards

  1. To withstand it more, to sustain it more
  2. Even if I knew already
  3. I can’t stop
  4. As time passes
  5. It just becomes more ruined
  6. Even though the end is visible
  7. Even if it’s a vain dream
  8. As if there’s no such thing as tomorrow
  9. As if there’s no such thing as a “next time”
  10. Right now, in front of my eyes, everything without you
  11. Is a terribly pitch-black darkness
  12. We won’t work in the end
  13. Even so, I keep hoping
  14. As long as I’m with you in the end as well, I’m okay
  15. Slow down the time
  16. Please stay for a little more
  17. Please baby calm down

save me

  1. I want to breathe
  2. I don’t like this night
  3. I want to wake up down
  4. I don’t like being in my dreams
  5. I’m stuck inside my own mind so I’m dying
  6. Don’t wanna be lonely
  7. Just wanna be yours
  8. Why is it so dark like this
  9. This place without you
  10. It’s dangerous
  11. My ruined appearance
  12. Save me
  13. I can’t even catch myself
  14. Listen to my the sounds of my heart
  15. It’s calling for you
  16. In this black darkness
  17. You shine this much
  18. Please extend that hand
  19. Today, the moon is shining
  20. The blank space inside my memories
  21. This lunatic that has swallowed me
  22. Please save me tonight
  23. In this immature madness
  24. I knew that you were my saviour
  25. From the painful parts of my life
  26. The only hand that will cover up for me
  27. The best of me
  28. I have nothing but you
  29. Lift me up higher so I can laugh again
  30. Your voice
  31. Thank you, for doing this for me
  32. For giving me wings like this
  33. For giving wings to me who’s crumpled
  34. For waking up me who’s suffocating
  35. For waking me, who only lived within dreams
  36. When I think of you, I clear up
  37. I threw away all the sadness
  38. Thank you, for becoming an “us”


  1. When I wake up in my room
  2. I’m just a nobody
  3. After the sun sets, I walk stumbling
  4. I become a total wreck
  5. I’m drunk
  6. I’ve lost my mind, like a crazy guy
  7. Just live your own way, it’s yours anyways
  8. Just stop trying, it’s okay to lose
  9. Burn it all completely
  10. Until the dawn completely passes
  11. We can just live because we’re young

lyrics cr.

My speculation/predictions/desires for Chap 166:

Zhan will probably figure that these intimidating thugs are Bad News!, and after just leaving Jian Yi in a state of despair and helplessness, he feels that there’s no way he’s fit to deal with these guys by himself- but it’s also clear that they’re probably not going to leave without getting what they came for. And so, Zhan Zheng Xi will protect his friend in the only way he can right now, by accepting Jian Yi’s fate as his own, despite how afraid he probably is… Feel free to disagree with me of course- I’m real interested in what other people think too! (watch me be proven wrong by the next update lmao).

“Until you are strong enough, I will protect you. It’s a promise.”

This was going to be a comic but I’m too tired so have a Zhan Xi Xi. I absolutely love drawing him!  ♥

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*fights u*

no but actually, ravenclaw!ham would be my second choice after gryffindor!ham. he is highly intelligent and writes WAY TOO MUCH - both clear ravenclaw traits. however, i feel his strong need to defend his opinions and overwhelming desire to fight everyone makes him more of a gryffindor. 

anonymous asked:

Will you ever get around to uploading all the Swaptale pages in order on their own separate page? Digging through the archive to try find the start is a pain in the butt.

brother. bro. friend pal guy listen. theres a couple easier ways to find the start than digging through my archive lmao the pages all have a ‘first’ link and alsooooo theyre all tagged ‘swaptale’ so for ease of access, you can go to my blog /tagged/swaptale/chrono and see all of them in chronological order!! i might at some point figure out another way to organize them but for now this is how it is sry