lmao at the boys

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I always saw Liam as this hard serious guy. I had no idea he was so soft and lovable. And also that he dealt with bullying and stuff like that which is really relatable. He deserves all the love but I feel like he's really under appreciated. So I've made it my mission to post more positive things about him

he was definitely more serious (and viewed by the fandom as the ‘serious’ one too) in the very early years but he’s also a gigantic dork who loves goofing off with the other boys (usually louis lmao) and yeah he’s got a very big heart and clearly loves his boys and the fans SO MUCH.

it’s funny because it’s almost hard for me to reconcile the 2010/2011 liam with current liam because i feel like he’s grown so much and he’s really let himself enjoy things more and just embrace his silly side:

Some of my fav pics of Haechan

Author’s Note: This pic set includes:

Cute Haechan, Candid Haechan, Rude Haechan, Boyfriend Haechan and Pre-debut Haechan! (plus, captions expressed by yours truly)

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ok not to start anything but as a big bang stan since the beginning, i’m not that offended by bts using the no signal screen. no, big bang did not create it, obviously BUT i am offended that they used the same sequence as seunghyun and?? i actually hold that very dear to me since he is now enlisted. i honestly am also very mad at army’s because, we all know if someone “copied” bts more then half of y'all would loose your shit so why are you telling vip’s to calm down? let us be upset, let us ask for an apology. as long as no one is sending bts death threats (which i haven’t seen but i haven’t really been looking), then please leave us be. also, i am very disappointed that the people who planned the stage used the screen, i’m not that disappointed with bts (even though i kinda am, i mean.. as a big bang fan jungkook should’ve been like ‘yo, that’s seunghyun’s iconic thing, we should maybe try smth else’ but! it is the kmusic industry and he would have probably got into trouble for that), the stage people should have known better then to give that to bts.

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how do you think archie would be if he had a chubby s/o (basically @myself lmao)? and is he a boob guy or does he like ass better (in your opinion lmao)?

Archie would literally w o r s h i p your body. Boy is head over heels in love with everything you are. He’d always make sure that you know you’re beautiful, proudly holding your hand in public and kissing your forehead many times.

In my opinion, Archie is definitely a boob guy. He loves your booty though, but Reggie is the ultimate booty lover.

omg so this happened

Me: *tries for months to queer code myself in real life and gets frustrated when people still think I’m straight as a ruler*

My mom: What’s been going on with you lately? Is this something to do with boys?

Me: lmao no

Mom: ……… girls??

Me: ‼️🚑🚨❗️What??? Me?? 🚨 Pshhhh nooooo lololol

Mom: ……… you sure?

Me: *coughs* *shifts eyes* *awkwardly looks around* *mumbles* yeah…

Me @ myself: you piece of shit you literally asked for this 

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lmao boys that steals... i'm not really in the whole t.o.p situation but bts' staff actually did stole a choreography of a more underrated group in a award show once. It was trully disgusting. They are stealers.

I honestly don’t care who stole it at this point, just the fact that it was stolen and the way armies have reacted to it.

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Cancer, sun, and mars

cancer: when was the last time you cried and why?
- yesterday! I pretty much cry everyday, usually multiple times a day, usually over something good or cute. honestly, anything a little bit too happy or too cute or too sad, I cry. It’s like I’m either bitch faced or crying lmao.

sun: what makes you feel like you?
- backstreet boys, sunshine, incense, sweet tea, cats and nail polish.

mars: when was the last time you got mad and why?
- today! we are watching forensic files and i just ????????? over how the hell anyone could kill their wife bc i can’t even imagine calling mine a mean name lmao

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it would be meeeean but i love it when laf is mean bc then he gets to be extra nice *angel emoji* im sure the boys could use a lesson in stamina *more angel emojis* ~I'Mpure anon (impure lmao get it its a pun)

OMG yes his little boys do need some extra training in their stamina im dead