lmao at how she smiles


Can they stop looking at each other like that, especially in romantics settings??

  • leliana is not marjolaine
  • she never becomes marjolaine even if she’s hardened
  • leliana resorts to violence when there is legitimate threat and admits that violence isn’t desirable
  • if hardened and divine, she uses violence to dismantle the oppressive chantry institution and deal with zealots who threaten progress to equality 
  • compare with: marjolaine who used violence to serve her own ends, only ever cared about herself, was abusive and used people
  • please stop these reductive comparisons
  • cool talk, thanks

ADDICTED 15 l Day 15: a character you love and why

When Daisy Calloway made her first appearance, she was perceived to be the epitome of fun with no emotional baggage, but little does we know, she’s been suffering behind the scenes. She’s my sweet, courageous girl who loves intently with all her heart; who is very perceptive and understanding of others; who always make a point to make everyone feel included. She’s loyal, wild, and reckless, but never at the expense of others. Thank you for valuing yourself, for making yourselfyour own priority, for valiantly following your unconventional dream that would bring home, and sense of belonging to a lot of kids that feel alienated. Thank you for standing up for your stance, it is tough and there’s a long way to go, but you’ll get there. Thank you for smiling and for showing everyone, mentally ill girls have a lot of reasons to smile. Lastly, thank you for existing because your kindness is never overrated. You are visible, you are loved, y o u  a r e  v a l u e d.