lmao another one


TG:re 72 | Kaneki Ken

this has been in my head for a while now

also school starts up again tomorrow so i’ll be going on a semi hiatus


Okay, but could you imagine Mercy’s face though when she realized she couldn’t save Jack and Gabriel from the explosion at swiss headquarters?

Remember that she couldn’t even protect her parents when she was young. She probably couldn’t do anything at all.  

Like this is Mercy, Dr. Angela Ziegler, a world renowned surgeon and a brilliant scientist who saved millions of lives during her time in Overwatch and yet she couldn’t even save her two teammates, her two friends

I can’t imagine the immense guilt she must’ve felt after that…


every morning my room is flooded with this heavenly light (part of the reason i wake up at 5-6 every goddamn morning)  but yeah thats why these exist. 

also i have a gratuitous amount of sea creatures.

one of my costumes that gets the least amount of wear-time. a reel shame actually.