lmao @ johnny tbh

i absolutely hate the way my sister’s laughter sounds bc it’s so irritating but whenever she’s laughing while watching NCT life it does not actually sound that bad to me :’)

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only a white ppl would defend johnny depp tbh lmao get a grip

Lol why am I not surprised? A person simply defends a white male who was never PROVEN guilty of anything, so out come the SJWs getting their panties in a bunch because Johnny Depp is a man so he must be guilty 😂

Listen say all you want to me but I will never stop standing for innocent until proven guilty, whether it’s a white man like Johnny Depp, a black man like Michael Jackson, a black lesbian woman, or anyone in between. So fuck off 🖕

Okay, I don’t know if I’m wrong but I’m getting the vibe that the new NCT unit is going to debut on October 31st with no warning, and have a darker ‘dream’ concept, like nightmares or something