zara | a mesh edit

tbh i named this zara bc i was like hm……..tbh i could prbly buy something like this at zara lmao

  • there’s 11 swatches from @citrontart‘s neutrals palette and @traproot‘s maxis match palette
  • for females teen-elder; correctly tagged; disabled for random; custom shadow map yadda yadda
  • has it’s own thumbnail
  • base game compatible
  • let me know if this shows up funky in ur game!!



teen wolf appreaction week: day 5: character’s special traits » lydia’s intelligence/knowledge
“academically, lydia’s one of the finest students I’ve ever had. her A.P. classes push her GPA above a 5.0. i’d actually like to have her I.Q. tested.”

anonymous asked:

Imagine Viktor meeting Yuuri at university and the first time he shows up to pick Yuuri up for a date Phichit and Yuuko dress up like parents (possibly with a Nerf gun for Phichit) so they can threaten him about what happens if he upsets Yuuri (or doesn't have him home by 11).

lmao yuuri’s probably like ‘stop scaring him, he’s harmless omg’

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you're exaggerating, all the boys get their fair share of haters and all the boys are killing it onstage.

My exaggeration:

1. Liam got called extra for hitting good notes on stage during OTRA, which btw is his job

2. Liam got hate for gaining weight

3. Liam got hate for losing weight

4. Liam gets hate for doing something non problematic like talking good about the other boys bc apparently he is gaining promo out of the boys even as Liam’s single is doing great with little to no fandom support lmao

5. Liam got hate for wearing high end brands even as all the boys and every celeb does it lmao yikes

6. Liam gets hate for going shirtless

7. Liam gets hate for wearing hoodies

8. Liam gets hate for making a bop bc apparently he makes songs for the radio but your faves and 1D never did lmao

9. Liam got hate for wearing Gucci bc apparently Harry patented that

10. People tried to say shit like Armani isn’t that great bc they invited Liam over LMAO YIKES Y'ALL

11. Liam gets hate bc him opening about his body image issues and eating disorder is hardly ever spoke about

12. Liam gets hate bc the fandom left bad reviews plus dislikes and bought others’ tracks when his single came out yet he is slaying

There’s more but I am legit in the car and yeah look at all my exaggeration


-monday 11 september

lmao, this is so late i can’t believe, but i still have an august playlist and semptember spread to post so oh wells. and ahh, school is actually going to be so stressful this year like i spend the whole day yesterday just doing physics homework and our first gcse (except english spoken language which is next week) is in 23 school weeks! but on the bright note (i think) i’m turning 16 in 9 weeks like woah!

anyway, i’m thinking of creating a small playlist called ‘laze’ with really calm korean songs so i’ll probably be doing that over the weekend :))

ig: mart.studies

not just friends ♡ tom holland head canon

summary: there’s always strings attached 

featuring: requested writing prompts from this list  

  • #1 : “We’re not just friends and you fucking know it” 
  • #28: “Make me” 

wc: 1,007

warnings: language, fluff, some angst 

author’s note: I really liked the prompts given for this one and had an idea for a head canon so here we go

  • You and Tom had met through a few mutual friends at a club opening one night and took an interest in each other immediately
  • Flash forward past numerous days of texting and hopes of seeing each other again 
  • After many dates here and there and you were already gaining a strong liking for the English boy
  • He definitely felt the chemistry too, but he was hesitant about diving in head first 
  • He didn’t want to start a relationship under pretenses where he’d be having to leave you at long periods at a time
  • He didn’t think this was any way to start a relationship
  • His exact words to you were, “If this is going to be a successful relationship I don’t want to start it this way with you”
  • Even though it devastated you, you put a smile on your face and agreed to stay friends and wait till the time was right in order to make him happy
  • It hurt him like hell too but he’d never tell you that
  • Tom convinced himself it was for the best 
  • Although he did mention it to Harrison, who still gives him shit for it
  • You two kept in touch and it really only made it harder on the both of you, yet neither one of you wanted to bring up the sore subject that was the giant elephant in the room 
  • There were lots of facetime calls and so many snapchats that you replaced Harrison as his number one best friend
  • When Tom came back into town one day he texted you asking to hang out
  • Of course you said yes, jumping at any opportunity to see him 
  • Meeting up at his apartment ASAP because let’s face it you both missed each other

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Saturdays (pt 1)

Genre: Fluff/Smut (in pt 2)

Member: Jungkook

Warnings: None 

Word Count: 4484

Summary: After three months of loneliness and insecurities while on tour, Jungkook comes home to you.

Part 2

This is just pure fluff tbh. But Part 2 will much more explicit (and will be posted within the next two or three days at most). Enjoy!

You weren’t sure exactly how long you’d been sitting on the window seat with your knees pulled into your chest, the cool wall leaching all the warmth from your spine through the thick material of your hoodie. All day you’d been lounging in the comfort of your apartment, basking in the calming serenity of the pouring rain pattering against the wide window. The view of the Seoul skyline piercing the gray swirling clouds above was beautiful in the most hazy and sleepy way, almost as if the entirety of South Korea had just woken up from a Saturday-afternoon nap and hadn’t yet wiped the sleep from its eyes.

Saturdays were one of your favorite days, mainly because you didn’t have to worry about your usual responsibilities of college and work. You preferred to spend most of your Saturdays at home to recharge before having to finish up any assignments you’d been procrastinating over on Sunday, and you often found yourself devoting Saturdays to pampering yourself. Eating whatever you wanted, messily slathering on a face mask, taking a long steaming bath to relax your tense muscles, the works. At that point in the day, you’d already cooked yourself chocolate chip pancakes (You woke up around 11:30am, but who’s to say pancakes have to be reserved solely for breakfast time?) while your favorite moisturizing mask was caked on your skin. You stuffed the fluffy, sweet deliciousness in your face ravenously as you binge-watched YouTube videos, the only worry you had being that you may not have enough syrup.

Now you sat, four hours later, curled up by the window, still sucked into the void that is YouTube and enjoying the melancholy rainfall that was baptizing the streets of Seoul.

As much as you loved Saturdays, you couldn’t help but feel sad that you’d spent so many without your boyfriend around to participate in the self-care. The two of you had made it a tradition to spend Saturdays together and bond over cartoons and unhealthy snacks. Even though he basically lived with you when he wasn’t forced to stay at the dorms or travel for a tour, Jungkook was insistent on coming over and talking about each of your weeks through mouthfuls of pizza.

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chapter 4 is probably gonna come a little later than expected, just a heads up! i’m still working on the mini comic (abt halfway thru) and after that’s done chap 4 will start. 

my hand just started aching quite a bit after drawing uhh nonstop for weeks on end jfkdlf (I HAVE A LOT TO DO) and there’s a few illustration pieces i need to finish on a deadline, so those will get priority… mini comic will be on hold for a little while so my useless excuse for a hand can heal i guess. thanks 4 understandin