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I MADE IT??!?!?? 

i love how the sketch looks completely different than the final result lol

✧ i hit a follower count that i never thought was conceivably possible and as a token of my unending gratitude and adoration for you all, i wanted to do a tumblr awards. this is my way of thanking every one for making my time on here actually enjoyable, being incredibly supportive, and generally being awesome people who i feel grateful to interact with on a daily basis. i love you all more than words ✧


mbf this huge nerd

reblog (likes count as bookmarks)

winners / runner ups will be chosen by may 30


finn award: best overall

luke skywalker award: best url

han solo award: best icon

poe dameron award: best original content

obi wan kenobi award: best theme

leia organa award: best star wars

t’challa award: best marvel

simon lewis award: best shadowhunters

adam parrish award: best aesthetic / books

rey award: personal favorite


winners: unlimited promos / 3 edit requests 

runner ups: 5 promos / 2 edit requests