god tier altean lance: mixed cuban lance discovering he’s also part altean when reaching the castle for the first time. his lineage ties him to one of the knights who protected the castle and the princess before they were forced to flee and evacuate. a small family managed to survive and thrive off earth. when allura discovers his altean lineage she cries happy tears and shares with lance everything about altean culture while he shares earth culture and more specifically about being cuban. allura still calls his ears hideous and lance simply wails, “well not everyone can transform like you can, allura!” 

oof this skeezes me out a little because “recovery” isn’t defined as “going back to the way you were,” its literally just…. getting better and healthier. 

and its fine to discuss bad experiences with medication or therapy but implicitly discouraging therapy is not ok. not all mental health professionals are big evil basterds

everyone has the capacity to recover in that everyone has the capacity to at least figure out new ways to cope with the hand they’re dealt. if we extend this to physical disability, my joint problems will never be cured, in fact they’ll only worsen over time, but that doesn’t mean i cant compile a toolkit of ways to manage my pain and my restrictions with mobility. thats recovery. 

to be very honest, if i were to watch rick and morty all over from the beginning, i would probably skip a couple episodes from season 3.  i feel like there were a few very strong eps this season (the premiere, ricklantis mixup)cbut it also had, imo, the 2 weakest eps of the series (mortys mind blowers and the finale).  

i know a lot of ppl have warmed up to the finale in the last couple weeks, but i’m still not a fan.  i understand what they were trying to accomplish, and i feel like they fell short.  as for mortys mind blowers, i was just really frustrated with that episode’s direction and lack of resolution, tbh.  i expected a lot more out of it, and i feel like we just got some subpar humor.  i also feel like there were a lot more irritating incest jokes this season, but that’s a whole other can of worms.  

so now that the season has officially ended, i’m gonna have to say that s2 was my favorite.  it had my favorite episode (a rickle in time, followed very closely by ricklantis mixup), a great cliffhanger, and a good mix of plot points and standalone content.  s1 was also great, but had some growing pains, and s3 although it had a lot of highlights also had a lot of low points for me, making it my least favorite season simply because it was the most inconsistent.  

HOW MANY TIMES after the alliance was formed do you think madara desperately wished he had just swallowed his pride and gotten hashirama to heal izuna bc tbh he probably could have done it in an instant

crying in my room alone and i dont have anyone to call right now and i have to listen to my landlord argue with his daughter its just such an emotional horrible energy for me today and ive felt it lurking. fuck scorpio season already!

nakakainis din no? kung sino pa kasi yung akala mong nandyan para sayo, yung mga dadamay sayo kapag ayaw ka na ng mundo, sila pa pala yung mukhang walang pakialam sayo. akala mo uunahin ka rin nila kagaya ng pag prioritize mo sa kanila pero hindi, wala silang interes sayo. kinakausap ka lang nila kasi nagmumuka ka ng kawawa. it’s like you’re already begging for their attention.