since last year’s kkul fm during bts festa, so much has changed and bangtan has accomplished so much, this year’s kkul fm will be way more special bc they have not only the daesang’s they won to talk about, but the bbma’s award, and the 6 million followers on twitter, all the love and support they have been receiving internationally and, i’m already getting emotional because they deserve all the love and recognition. also, we had the bon voyage which was also special content for last year’s 3 year anniversary, and the special event on vlive, and all the group pictures, they also released a special version of young forever on their soundcloud too…i wonder what they will do this year for the 4 year anniversary because it’ll definitely be a huge event, it’ll be major, way more special and have way more impact.

Iligan City is on lockdown – nobody’s allowed to enter unless they’re Iliganons –and curfew hours are now 8 pm - 5 am. Still holding on to my belief that everything’s going to be fine soon.