idk where all this pining keith on my dash is coming from but it’s improving my shitty mood so

  • keith will force himself to think only of lance when he falls asleep so he’ll dream about him (it works but sometimes he thinks of bigfoot at the same time and the resulting dream is… strangely satisfying)
  • whenever lance touches keith’s shoulder or puts his arm on his shoulder or something keith doesn’t show any outward reaction but on the inside he’s replaying that moment over and over and over again all day
  • everytime lance gets shot down by an alien, keith makes a joke but on the inside he’s like thank god
  • keith doesn’t know who to talk to about all this; pidge is 14, hunk is lance’s best friend and would probably tell him, shiro is his older bro and would probably make fun of him. so keith keeps a journal  (@platonicsheith‘s ideas tbh) but he also mentions it to allura one day and she’s willing to listen because Gossip Queen™ and so he starts rambling about how pretty and funny lance is to her. she doesn’t really mind because she likes seeing Mr Broody Loner so happy
  • when lance is injured in battle or something, keith is the first to volunteer to carry him or support him while he walks
  • they go to an alien planet full of flowers and keith gets lost in the flower field immediately (bc what if he finds a cryptid in there) and gets the idea to do the “he loves me, he loves me not” things. he also cheats so the last petal will always fall on “he loves me”
  • when they get together and lance asks keith for a kiss, fucking fireworks are going off in that boy’s head and he leans in for the most chaste fucking peck on the corner of the mouth but it still feels amazing and when he pulls back lance is smiling really wide and keith is just full of happiness

sorry i’m gay and also not wearing my glasses so there might be typos


october 17, 2016 | 1:47 pm | 13/100

aaah i haven’t posted in awhile because of my hectic schedule 😰 finals are this week!!!!! 🌟 wish me luck i def need it! ps: i made a treat yo self purchase aka a dotted moleskine for my bujo next sem i’m v happy 😌💞

I LOVE HAIRY GIRLS!!!!!!!! i don’t mean blonde peach fuzz hairy (i do love you too but) I MEAN THICK COURSE BLACK HAIR ALL OVER YOUR BODY!!!! hair on your upper lip hair on your belly hair on your legs hair on your arms hair on your back i love it all!!!!!!! you aren’t gross or unsanitary you are beautiful and it’s okay to love your body hair!!!!!! this is for my trans girls my girls of color this is for all of my beautiful hair-tastic girls who’ve been shamed for it, i lvoe you