me: i like wearing a hijab

some random man appearing out of the shadows, breathing heavily: um excuse me sweaty :)) i think maybe u dont know but u are oppressed :) it oppress u :) its an inanimate object? u fool!! *spit flying everywhere* u know nothing about ur own religion!!!!!! it is symbol of bad!! i learn this in my ninth grade english class so shut up ur hell mouth :) it take ur rights sweatheart :)))) it kill people :) when u sleep it strangle u :) it came 2 my house and slapped me in front of my bare children :)) i googled femimesisnm once so i know :) *reaches into fedora and pulls out a tank top* here sweaty, take this :) u can thank me later, my poor sweat sweat little grape :)

@ non autistics: one little favour you could do? please don’t say autistic people “have autism” like it’s a disease.

we’re autistic, it’s an adjective that describes us. autism is a neurotype that has positive and negative aspects, just as being neurotypical has positive and negative aspects.

we’re not automatically sick, our brains just work differently to yours. as an autistic person who does have various mental illnesses and long-term physical health issues, i’m telling you right now that being autistic is a different kind of thing and that conflating the two leads to approaching problems in unhelpful and even dangerous ways.

and i could get into how this language is habitually used to dehumanize us and rob us of agency and promote eugenics and other forms of violence against us but honestly? i’m just going to ask, because if you want to be an ally to autistic people you’ll take our word on things that affect us, and maybe do some research to hear more of our perspectives.

if someone wants to describe themselves as having autism, that’s one thing. (if you’re not autistic please don’t police the way we self describe!) but this wording has connotations beyond what most allistics are aware of. and it’s very uncomfortable for many autistic people to hear coming from someone who doesn’t share our experiences.

thank you!