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Does Marius have a lego batman shirt? And Javert! He blep!!!



He’s got a Batman LEGO shirt!

Their outfits were superhero themed (Cosette as Supergirl and Éponine as Wonder Woman), but all Marius had was a homemade Lego Batman t-shirt.
But it’s alright, he tries his best and Cosette and Eponine are supportive of their blue-footed booby (plus they all agree, the Lego Batman movie is the best Batman movie)

And yes! They all blep :P

From this day forward, Javert is just going to bite ice cream :P :P

In the French version of A heart full of love, Cosette asks Marius is he’s the prince she was waiting for, and if they wanted the play to be realistic, they’d stop the song at that point because Marius would be to busy butting his head against a tree and murmuring: “damn it damn it she wants a prince and I’m only a baron”.

Here, have another Marius-missing-his-friends picture. That’s sad every time. But drawing skills also get better every time, so I guess it’s fine. That was a long, long time since my first picture, that also was “Empty chairs and empty tables” related. How fast the time passes. I was younger and more naive back then, and my art was… well, I’m glad that it’d improved so much. I hope it’ll be better every time and my progress will go faster. That’s a sentimental talk, but what can I say, sometimes you draw Marius so much you become one=)

jean valjean modern day headcanons bc i don’t see it often

  • owns 5 dogs, all were once strays that he found
  • raising cosette with 5 dogs.. can u imagine… it precious 
  • one of the dogs is called ursula. when marius finds that out, he dies
  • he has such a guilty conscience for his past, he tries his best to give to charities when he can 
  • can u imagine big strong jean valjean, holding hands with tiny small cosette… precious
  • started greying when he was 30 
  • always has mints and butterscotch in his pockets 
  • always was down for tea parties with cosette, tiara and everything 
  • he is the hot single dad 
  • once went on a blind date with javert… it went well but jvj had to go earlier and he forgot to split the pay like he said he would… javert is bitter policeman neighbour and jvj can’t understand why he won’t call him back
  • probs makes the worse dad jokes, an example: 

cosette: ‘can you draw me a bath please?’ 

jvj: ‘*already laughing as he grabs the pen and paper*’ 

feel free to add some??