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sorry this is really random and may be stupid, but in the brick why does marius think that cosette is called Ursula for a while??

Haha it’s really not stupid and it’s A+ Marius Pontmercy banter so: 

At some point Marius finds an handkerchief he believes to be Cosette’s, except he doesn’t know her name. And the hankerchief reads “U.F” so he’s like “Well…. There’s not 50 names beginning with a U, she must be called Ursula! (Ursule, in some versions)”

Except the handkerchief was Valjean’s, whose alias is Ultime Fauchelevent. To be noted that “Ultimate” is the most HARDCORE name i’ve ever seen in my life. So basically Marius worships Valjean’s handkerchief for a while

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Do you still ship Courfius? If so, could you write a cute Courfius confession involving kittens and a jumper.

I will ship courfius until the day I dieTBH. ***Warning: Tooth rotting fluff***

Courfeyrac tried to keep his romantic thoughts about his roommate far at bay. He’d take cold showers, sing show tunes until the walls shook and he couldn’t hear his thoughts, and tried desperately to think of other people.

But it was too no avail. He was much too far gone. It definitely did not help things when Marius would innocently and naively do things that people more than roommates would do with each other. He climbed into Courfeyrac’s bed whenever he had nightmares, would cuddle up to him on the couch during a movie, and now- God help Courfeyrac- he was wearing his clothes!

“Marius?” Courfeyrac asked stopping his roommate in his tracks. “Is that my jumper?”

Marius stuttered and blushed, hugging himself around the middle. Courfeyrac tried to keep his internal scream from the overload of adorableness become external.

“Well… Yes… It’s just that- it’s so nice and warm and your clothes are so much nicer than mine and they smell so nice… I hope you don’t mind?” Marius said with a wince. 

“Of course not!” Courfeyrac said fondly. trying not to get too excited over the fact that Marius thought he smelt nice. “What are roommates for?”

Or boyfriends. His traitorous mind supplied. He shook the thought away. Mairus shook too, or more accurately- wiggled. Courfeyrac blinked and realised that Marius was still hugging his middle, his jumper wiggled again and a lump beneath it moved up to the collar, until finally a very fluffy and very tiny kitten’s head popped out.

“Marius, are you smuggling cats?” 

Marius winced once more. “I’m so sorry courf! It’s just… He was all lost and alone and it looked like it was about to rain and he kept mewling and then he rubbed himself against my leg and I just thought… I mean… You took me in when I was lost and alone and I thought I should do the same for him!”

“You know our landlord doesn’t allow pets.” Marius was pouting. The kitten was rubbing it’s head against his neck. Courfeyrac’s heart was melting. He sighed in defeat. “But he also doesn’t allow roommates that aren’t listed on the lease so we’d be screwed either way.”

“He can stay?!” Marius’ face lit up in hopeful bliss. If he had a tail, Courfeyrac was convinced it would be wagging right now.  

“I let a poor, lost puppy stay with me. A kittens no different.”

Marius leaped at him, wrapping his arms around his neck and planting an enthusiastic mess of kisses on his cheek before withdrawing with a blush. 

Courfeyrac was blushing too and let out a nervous laugh. “If I knew all it took for you to kiss me was to get a cat-” He snapped his mouth shut before he could embarrass himself further.

Marius looked down at the floor, his face almost as red as his hair. “It wasn’t entirely to do with the cat…” He said shyly.

Courfeyrac pulled at the hem of his jumper before his fear had a chance to tell him not too. Pressing Marius lips against his, they relaxed against each other and sighed contently as the kitten mewled happily between them.

Marius had fallen for her in a moments glance; but then, Marius could fall in love with a Toaster, if given sufficient encouragement.
—  the Les Mis fanfic that I will never finish
  • What she says:im fine.
  • What she means:Can you BELIVE that actual human being Marius Pontmercy picked up Valjean's handkerchief and decided it was Cosette's so he could fantasize about her name being Ursula while he walked by her every day for months? Also, that this sweet gazelle child left her a long confused letter pouring his heart out to this girl he'd never talked to, and that once he did he forgets to introduce himself to the very end? And that this human disaster bangs his head on a tree one night while Cosette cries and then decides to join a bloody revolution? What about the time his grandpa thought he was having an affair when really he was just visiting his dad's grave like a NERD. Or the time he had to yell out of his window his love for Napoleon Bonaparte? This beautiful moth even asked his best friend if he could sleep with him? And to top it all off, this sweetly oblivious butterfly had to get dragged through the sewers of Paris by his future father-in-law, can you imagine family dinners? This booby is a national hero and must be protected at all costs.

No offense but instead of having badass Cosette and Marius clumsily trailing behind her how about: 

 -Cosette and Marius having a thousand of inside jokes and always making eye contact and going like “EYYY” (usually internally, but not always) when someone unknowingly makes a reference one of them 

 -Cosette and Marius having secret handshakes that top all secret handshakes ever

 -Marius realizing that Cosette is actually a totally chill and awesome and nerdy person and becoming completely comfortable around her

-Cosette finding Marius to be the best friend she never had and enjoying every second they spend together 

 -Marius and Cosette being the picture perfect couple. Like, they have an elaborate picnic complete with champagne and a homemade quilt and both of them looking drop dead gorgeous and they’re like “yeah we were bored lol" 

-Cosette being super supportive and helpful while Marius deals with his anxiety

-Marius introducing Cosette to more friends than she ever had in her lonely, isolated childhood

-Marius and Cosette teasing each other 

-Marius telling super cheesy jokes and pick up lines and Cosette adores every single one and snorts from laughter each time

-Cosette and Marius being super gross in public just to embarrass their friends 

-Cosette and Marius having an open, healthy, happy, hilarious relationship