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Kidnapped - James March Smut (AHS: Hotel)

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Requested: yes!

   -Request: “Hey! I was wondering if you could do a Mr March imagine where the reader is staying at the hotel and Ms Evers kidnaps her so James can kill her but when she is laying on the bed ready to die he doesn’t because he finds her beautiful. He ‘thinks’ he loves her and she hates him so when she tries to escape he fucks her roughly and shows that she belongs to him. Please write this imagine you’re my favourite blog and it would be AMAZING as a birthday present (I’m turning 21)” -anon

Type: smut (;

Warnings: extremely dom!james, bondage (sorta)

Summary:You check into the Hotel Cortez only to then be kidnapped. However once Mr. March sees you, he can’t bear to hurt a single hair on your head, but unfortunately for him you don’t want any part of a relationship with him. But when you try to escape, Mr. March shows you that you’re his and only his. And to your surprise, you love it.

Notes: okay so i know this sounds sorta like rape but i mean this is just an imagine and obviously rape isnt okay irl but i really liked this request so i tried to make it more just domrough rather than nonconsenting?????  aNYWAY i tried to make it really hot so i hope you guys like it lol ps i went way overboard with this im sorry its so long

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“I’d like to book a room, please,” you smiled, as you walked up to the front desk. The woman sitting there startled as you spoke, as if this was the first time in weeks that anyone had come in.

She pushed her large black glasses up the bridge of her nose and spoke. “Oh, uh, alright, for how long?”

“Just one night.”

“And your name?”

“Y/F/N Y/L/N.”

She scribbled your name down in the guest book and then turned around to get a room key and placed it in the palm of your hand. “You’ll be in room 63.”

“Thank you.” you replied, taking the small silver key and turning down the hallway with your bags. The hall looked eerily empty, except for a maid vigorously scrubbing at a sheet. There was a large patch of blood on it, and you thought it was kind of odd for her to be handwashing blood-stained sheets in the middle of the hallway, but you just laughed to yourself, assuming that someone’s period came early this month.

You found your room and let yourself in, before dropping your suitcase and purse on the floor. For some reason, the room felt really warm, so you pulled your jeans and shirt off before laying back on the bed to relax. Just as you’d gotten settled in, you heard a knocking at the door. “Housekeeping!”

“Shit,” you mumbled, hurriedly digging your bathrobe out of your suitcase before answering the door. As soon as you opened it, you were pushed against a wall and a cloth was pressed over your mouth. You suddenly felt extremely drowsy, and your eyelids got heavier with every blink. You could feel yourself falling, but you were too far gone by then, and didn’t feel anything when your head smacked against the corner of the coffee table.

When you finally awoke, you could feel an intense pounding on the right side of your head. You tried to reach up and touch it, but your hands wouldn’t move. You slowly opened your eyes, and saw that your wrists and ankles were tied to the bedposts. Your bathrobe was nowhere to be seen, leaving you only in your bra and underwear. Your mouth was gagged, but you screamed hoarsely, not knowing what else to do. The maid you’d seen earlier in the hallway quickly came into the room. “Goodness child, keep it down! We must wait for Mr. March!”

Mr. March? Who the hell was that?

But your question as answered soon enough, as a booming voice came from around the corner, along with some footsteps. “Mrs. Evers, did you get the next one?”

A tall man with jet black hair and a small mustache walked around in, straightening his tie.

“Ye-yes sir, she’s right here.” she responded quickly, almost like she was nervous.

He stopped walking the second he saw your face, suddenly intirigued. He slowly set down the gun he was holding and walked around to the right side of the bed and kneeled down on the floor. “Good god, you’ve injured her!”

The maid looked confused, “Oh, I’m very sorry sir, I-I didn’t think that would matter seeing as you’re planning to kill her.”

“You may leave Mrs. Evers, I no longer need your assistance with this one.”

She practically ran out of the room, muttering about how much work she still had to do.

“My sincere apologies about the wound on your head, I don’t intend to hurt you.” he said, stroking your cheek and running his hand down to your collar bone. He touched your head and you winced, still feeling a dull throb. “Did that hurt darling?”

You cautiously nodded, and his expression turned into a hard frown. “I apologize, the last thing I would ever want to do is hurt you.”  He gingerly unbound you and took the gag out of your mouth.

As soon as you were released, you jumped off the bed and ran towards the door. The doorknob wouldn’t budge, and you assumed it had soemhow been blocked on the other side of the door. Just as you began to turn around to look for a new way of escape, you felt a pair of arms wrap around your waist from behind. “Where do you think you’re going?” Mr. March asked, lifting you up and bringing you back to the bed. “I didn’t want you to have to be tied up, but if you’re going to try and leave then I’m afraid that’s what I’ll have to do.”

He grabbed the rope he had just unbound you from and tied your wrsits to the headboard, but left your ankles free. “Let me go you asshole!” you yelled angrily, trying to kick him.

He made a “tsk” sound and pushed your legs down to the bed. “You’re practically begging for me to completely tie you up again, is that what you want?” he mumbled. “You belong to me, you understand? You’re mine, I love you, I would never hurt you my love.”

“Like hell you love me! You don’t even know my name you fucking psycho!”

“Ah, but I do, Y/N.” he retorted, placing a finger against your jawline. He leaned down and pressed small kisses against your neck and collarbones, mumbling things like, “so beautiful,” against your skin. This was wrong, you knew it was, but you couldn’t deny that you liked the way it felt and the way it was effecting you. You let out an almost inaudible moan, and you could feel him smirking. “No.” you said quietly. “I’m not yours, and you don’t love me – you can’t love me because I hate you.”

He stopped, and looked you harshly in the eyes. He angrily stood up and reached down to unbuckle his belt. “Don’t you get it Y/N? You belong to me.”

He finished undressing faster than you would have thought posible, and clambered back onto the bed. He roughly pushed your thighs apart and quite literally ripped off your panties, and then unclipped your bra. Thankfully you’d worn one that clips in front, so it remained in tact, but stayed around your shoulders since your hands were bound above your head.

“Mm, so beautiful,” he smiled slightly, leaning down and taking one of your nipples in his mouth while roughly kneading your other breast. He left a trail of wet kisses down your stomach until he got to your pussy. James pushed your knees up and put his face down to your core. He let out a satisfied humming noise and began eating you out, gently licking your folds. His hands came to rest on your tighs as he began tongue fucking you. As much as you thought you didn’t like him, you had to admit how good it felt– you were completely at his mercy. His tongue moved back up to your clit as he shoved two fingers inside of you. “Oh,” you let out a breathy moan, and felt the restraints’ tug on your wrists when you tried to thread your fingers through his hair. His dark colored eyes flicked up at you and one of them dropped down into a wink as he continued his incredible attack on your pussy.

You could feel your climax nearing, and as you started to get louder, it signalled to him that you were close. He immediately added a third finger, stretching you just a little bit too wide, and sped up the pace of his mouth. You could feel a buzzing in the pit of your stomach, and with one final flick of his tongue over your sensitive bundle of nerves, James had you coming undone underneath him. “Fuck, ohhh, fuck James.

He smirked and sat up, giving you a nice view of his cock, which was so hard that it was flush against his stomach. You unconciously bit your lip at the site and looked up to his face. James was still smirking at you, noticing that you were enjoying the view. “Now darling, you’re going to take my cock like a good girl, Y/N. I know you’ve just come but there’s no rest, there is no fucking rest. You’re going to take my cock and come for me again. You’re mine.”

He grabbed your thighs and wrapped your legs around his waist as he slammed into you. You felt a slight discomfort since he gave you no time to adjust to his rather large size, but the pleasure soon overtook that, as the tip of his cock grazed your g-spot. James leaned down to leave his mark on your neck, sucking in various places and then peppering the area with kisses. He leaned his head into the crook of your neck, occasionally letting out things like, “Fuck, you feel so good,” and “Mm, such a good girl for me.”

You tugged at your restraints again by accident, wanting to scratch your nails down James’ back and let him know how good he was making you feel. He noticed your struggle, and looked up to your hands. “Now, if untie you, are you going to keep being my good girl or are you going to attempt to escape again?”

“I’ll - mm, fuck - I’ll be a good girl, I promise,” you whined, throwing your head back into the pillows. He briefly stopped thrusting into you and reached up to pull the knot out of the rope that was binding your wrists together. You quickly wrapped your arms around his neck, encouraging him to start fucking you again. James gladly obliged, but this time he leaned down and kissed you. He ran his tongue along your bottom lip, and you quickly opened your mouth to allow him entrance. Even though it was just something as simple as a kiss, it sent arousal directly to your core, and you could feel a flutterly feeling appear in your stomach.

You orgasmed fairly quickly, due to how sensitive you still were from your first. You clenched around him, and he moaned, so you did it again, and then felt him spill inside of you. You could feel some of his cum dripping out, but you honestly didn’t care, because all you could think about was how good it felt kissing him, even after he’d pulled out. James had worried that as soon as the sex was finished, you’d just try and run off again, but he figured there was nothing he could do if you did– he didn’t want to hurt you and he was too tired for more sex, so he pulled away from the kiss and rolled over so that he was laying next to you. To his surprise, you shyly cuddled up to his side, and carefully put one around around his stomach. He put his left around around your shoulders so that his hand was resting on your ass, letting you know that he was still in charge. He pulled the blankets up around the two of you so that only your shoulders were poking out the top. Suddenly, the door creaked open, and you heard Mrs. Evers come in. “Mr. March, have you finished with th-” she started, but as soon as she saw the two of you in the bed, realizing what must have happened, she placed on hand over her mouth in shock. “Oh, bother! I’ll never get that stain out!”

i hope this is sorta what you were thinking of and that you liked it, feel free to request again if you want something else lol bye !


request anything, requests are ALWAYS open (just tell me who you want it with (anyone from ahs) and if you want smut or fluff and what you want to happen) ! xx -l

EDIT: here are the links to PART 2, PART 3, and PART 4

No but would anyone read a story where a tailor has the ability to sense ghosts and uses it to help people because he lives in a country where it’s taboo to even mention ghosts?

And his husband, Fredrick, is afraid of ghosts, but since Boris knows charms and other protections, his husband sleeps better at night?

It's easy to get in fights.

I gave my mother-in-law the deed for a nice funeral site as a Christmas gift in one of the city’s nicest graveyards that I paid good money for.
The year after she got nothing and asked why. I said that she hadn’t used the gift from last year.

And that’s how the fight started.

My wife and I laid in bed and watched WHo Wants to be a Millionaire. I turned to her and asked “Do you want sex?”
She answered “No.”
I asked “Is that your final answer?”
She didn’t even look at me and answered “Yes.”
Then I said “Then I want to call a friend.”

And that’s how the fight started.

I took my wife out for dinner and for some reason the waiter took my order first.
So I said “I want the steak, bloody, please.”
“Aren’t you afraid of the Mad Cow?” asked the waiter.
“No, she can order by herself.”

And that’s how the fight started.

I sat on the couch with the remote and zapped through the channels.
“What’s on the TV?” my wife asked.
“Dust.” I replied.

And that’s how the fight started.

One Sunday morning I got up early, got dressed, made breakfast, a few sandwiches to go, and walked silently out to the garage.
I hooked on the boat, got in the car and reversed. The wind soared and it was raining cats and dogs.
I heard on the radio that it would keep on doing all day long. I drove back to the garage and snuck into the house.
I got undressed and crept in with my wife and whispered, “It’s a bloody weather out today.”
My wife answered softly “Yeah, and my stupid husband is out in it fishing.”

And that’s how the fight started.

My wife said on our anniversary that she wanted something shiny that would make 0 to 100 in 5 seconds.
So I bought her a weighing machine.

And that’s how the fight started.

My wife looked at herself in the mirror after the shower. She said “I’m fat, old, and ugly. Please say something nice.”
I answered “Well, at least there’s nothing wrong with your eye sight.”

And that’s how the fight started.

This morning I drove right into a car on the way to work.
The driver got out of the car and turned out to be a midget. He screamed “I am not happy!”
“Oh no,” I answered. “Which one of them are you then?”

And that’s how the fight started.

Scrivo perchè mi fa bene.
Non scrivo necessariamente per avere più lettori, per avere i “mi piace” o i reblog.
A me scrivere serve a dare un volto alle emozioni e questo è l'unico posto nel quale mi sento al sicuro per farlo.

We spent a day with Felicia on an Indigenous reserve in the far south of Costa Rica on the Pacific side. Felicia’s indigenous name is Ainda, which means an animal that flies. She is walking ahead of us, leading us through a muddy jungle path up the hill towards her house, a small wooden structure that she keeps for herself and her solitude. 

She wears her grandmother’s necklace and has re-planted trees using seeds passed on from her father. She’s a gardener, an artist, a mother of 3, a great cook and a true representative of Guaymi traditions. Ainda can name any tree around her and their uses. She wears colorful handmade skirts and holds a machete at all times, and she laughs a lot. As we get to the house and start a fire we listen to stories and make fresh coffee along with sweet plantains served on a banana leaf.  As the world keeps moving towards the western mindset there are still old souls roaming around, shining and inspiring others to walk back towards a simple existence, to see how the earth provides with all we need.

Our kind of love

It’s the last night of the year and she has no plans for it. She is stuck in the same apartment, all alone and quite unhappy. Everyone around her was screaming, laughing, partying, this until 10 pm, when all the neighborhoods left their homes for the restaurants or clubs. Only she remains at home waiting for a miracle, or not. She knew that there is no chance to see him tonight, that he is with his friends and probably with few more girls who are begging for his attention or money. After all he is very powerful and girls love that kind of boys. She shouldn’t think about him, because their story is over, she told him to leave, so why now she wants him back? Even if she is alone and desperate for some company, he should be the last man on earth who she should miss. He treated her like a fool, she deserves something better, she deserves a boy who can love her truly.
23:30 and she is still alone. There is no sound around, so she opened her laptop and put her favorite song on repeat. Loud. No matter that her song is a shitty love song, who makes her cry and think about him. She is a free woman now, she has the right to feel good, even if feeling good means crying like a mess, while drinking beer and waiting this stupid year to end.
Her wishes for the next year? Pff.. She has none. Well maybe just a little one. He to come back and treat her like a stupid. She is a masochist enough to desire that, actually this is her biggest wish. She wants to suffer because of him, she wants to fight with him, she wants to see how far can she goes, how bad can he be to her. Pain, pain, pain. That’s what she wants this new year. But what if he will change? No, he won’t.
23:40 yes, she is still alone. She goes to change herself. Maybe she is alone, maybe he doesn’t love her back, maybe she is a stupid, but she needs to be pretty. She needs to look amazing tonight, so she dress her most beautiful skirt and a shirt. He always said that he wants to see her wearing a skirt. And heels, high heels.
When she was ready she changed the song, to something more happy. She wants to dance, to be happy, drunk and pretty. The new year will be better, she knows that.
23:50 she gets a new message. First she was sure that it comes from one of her friends who wants to wish the same “happy new year”, but then she saw his name on the screen.
“Come on roof to see the fireworks.” He wrote and she smiled. Yes, it was him, only he could do this, only he send this kind of messages out of nowhere.
“You are here?” She asked him, just to be sure that he is not laughing about her, after she run to the mirror to be sure that she looks amazing.
“I’m waiting for you. Come.” He wrote back immediately and she run outside. Their first date was on the roof too, when he wanted to show her the view. And suddenly spending the new year eve with him, above the city seems to be the best idea ever.
23:57 she is there, few meters away from him. He has a bottle of champagne and a huge smile on his face as he sees her.
“You are wearing a skirt.” He said hugging her.
“One of those 7 I told you about.” She smiled and hugged him back. This boy will bring her to the edge and even more, but somehow she can’t stay away from him.
“I love it!” He said and kiss her, in his own style. That’s all he knows to do, kisses and touches, nothing more.
She would like to ask him so many things, to talk with him, but he hides as always. And somehow tonight, this don’t bother her. She is happy to be around him, and that’s all that matters.
00:00. The sky is full of stars and fireworks, and the whole city shines. She is taking photos and he too, this is their only common passion. Photography.
“Happy new year, darling.” He said smiling and kissing her again.
“Happy new year, mister.” She said and she knows that they will ever be the same strangers, because none of them will ever renounce at their mask, but that’s okay. Maybe for the moment is better to see only his mask, maybe she won’t like so much the real him.
“Let’s go.” He said and stand up.
“To your room.” He said and she goes up. She could expect to this, they are friends only when it comes to sex. Now they will hide into her apartment and they will fight, bite, hurt and hit each other. It’s always the same, he is the same, even if this is another year. But she don’t care. She will enjoy him until she will get sick and will send him to his room. And after she will suffer like a fool missing him again, until he will text her again and they will meet. That’s all. That’s their kind of love and that’s okay.