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a tribute to shadowhunters and downworlders: julian atticus blackthorn

born: 1995

kind: shadowhunter

parabatai: emma carstairs

“In the dark and the shadows where secrets lived, that was where Julian survived. It was how he had managed for years.”

                 the dark artifices.


· YA LIT MEME: eight friendships (1/8) - emma carstairs & cristina rosales

“cristina, i love you,” emma said. “i will marry you. marry you.”
cristina giggled. “my mother’s already picked out who i’m going to marry, remember? imagine what she’d say if i brought you home.”
“you don’t think she’d like me more than perfect diego?”


breathtaking moments in the shadowhunters chronicles: all the night-tide & tomb by the sounding sea (lady midnight)

↬ emma carstairs and the sea

“And for the first time in a long time, Emma felt grateful to the sea.”

for @blackhtorns, because I owed her another Carstairs’ edit.. ♥


a tribute to shadowhunters and downworlders: diana wrayburn

born: 1985

kind: shadowhunter

 "She looked like the dangerous Roman goddess of the hunt she was named for.”

            ↳ the dark artifices.

happy diana day you all!