lm art

anyway i will unfollow/block any mutual who follows k/oma/eda kins because they freak me the fuck out mostly because 99% of them have sent me death threats of some sort at some point and one of the worst ones is out there and i dont know who it is but i am not taking risks of having Them on my ass again


Now in glorious, extra-video!


introducing snailpals on etsy !!!


this shop is run by two disabled, mentally ill, jewish lesbians trying to make things that make people happy !!

i am one of those people and i cant get a job due to disabilities so this is my job and i want to get money for us to move out in july !!

our shop will feature jewelry, stickers, stuffed animals, and crayon sculptures, all handmade ! there isnt currently that much stuff up but we have a lot made that we will be steadily adding so keep looking out for all of it !!