I’m starting a movement that after 6 seasons the ninja need one huge CUDDLE OKAY!!!

I mean they have all been through so much and Iv waited 6! Seasons for a big group CUDDLE and a long one okay! None of this 5 second BS!

They need to all cuddle it out!! Like shit!!

It’s time okay.


NEVER HAVE I EVER with the cast of Dear Evan Hansen [ Will Roland, Jennifer Laura Thompson, Michael Park, Laura Dreyfuss, & Kristolyn Llyod ]

Opposite signs songs for each other

**actually listen to the songs pls tysm**

aries to libra; miguel- adorn
libra to aries ; jhene aiko- you vs them

taurus to scorpio; jhene aiko- beautiful ruin
scoprio to taurus ; xxxtentacion- letspretendwerenumb

gemini to sagittarius- james bay- let it go (breason remix)
sagittarius to gemini; starley- call on me (ryan riback remix)

capricorn to cancer; xxxtentacion- I don’t wanna do this anymore
cancer to capricorn; julia michaels- issues

leo to aquarius ; jessie j- nobody’s perfect
aquarius to leo; xxxtentacion- snow

virgo to pisces- cher llyod- love me for me
pisces to virgo; breaux- pure imagination