llyod kaufman

I met Lloyd Kaufman at Supercon.  He wasn’t there signing autographs or copies of his many, many films.  He was working his own goddamn booth in exactly the way an aging filmmaker shouldn’t – which is “at all.”

I came to a stop the moment I connected the dots between the assortment of Troma posters hanging behind him and the familiar, tired face behind a table of Toxic Avenger DVD’s.  He smiled, dialed up the politeness to as high as a man who doesn’t want to fucking be there can muster, and asked how long the con was running till.  I think he muttered something along the lines of “Jesus Christ…” when I told him it was probably a good few hours before the place would wind down.

Realizing this was the closest I’d get to a celebrity that day without having to fork over a twenty, I snapped this picture, thanked him, and moved on thinking how cool it was to meet Lloyd Kaufman.