This makes absolutely no sense.
Not a big fan of the middle part but who am I to cut Beethoven ?

Music : Slow Version Piano Sonata No.17, Op.31, No.2 The Tempest (3rd Mvmt.) - Beethoven (Total Recall version)

Found here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vJTqBg0KkWA&index=1&list=LLu-yyS_l9uVurSYJ_FcFBmQ

“We have all been dancing since kindergarten. We love learning new songs.” Emma Daniel, Kristen Heakin, Katherin Evan are all Yup’ik and were photographed at the 2016 Cama’i Dance Festival in Bethel with the Ayaprum Elitnaurvik Dance Group. Yuraryaraq translates to “ways of dancing” in Central Yup’ik. There are six fundamental elements in Yuraryaraq: ciuliat (ancestors), angalkuut (shamans), cauyaq (drum), yuaruciyaraq (song structures), yurarcuutet (regalia) and yurarvik (dance location). (Source: Theresa Arevgaq John (2010). Yuraryaraput Kingiit-llu: Our Ways of Dance and Their Meanings. University of Alaska Fairbanks)

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Llus Lamp by Vij5

This copper lamp by Dutch designlabel Vij5 does not only show an astonishing material and colour choice, but has a great way of adjusting the height of the lamp. By pulling the loop of the cord, the lamp can easily be adjusted to preferred height. And the loop even gives a great design aspect to the lamp!