Sovndwave Update!

Hey lovely people! Okay so I made a blog post a little bit ago explaining SOVNDWAVE, a website I made to help YouTubers find amazing FREE background music for their videos, and also a place that music artists could promote their music TO YouTubers such as myself or others.

It’s been up for a few weeks, and THINGS ARE GOING GREAT! Everyone seems to really enjoy the site, the interface is really simple and easy to use, and we’re getting new artists almost every day! 

Speaking of ARTISTS, we opened the site with ONLY my music and some music from the awesome tommypatzius, and now, only a few weeks later we’re happy to announce these artists are now on the site:

ME! - http://www.soundcloud.com/desandnate

TOMMY: http://www.soundcloud.com/tommypatzius

LLULAGAN: http://soundcloud.com/llulagan

Josh A: https://www.youtube.com/user/JoshChaceHD

Treason This: http://treasonthis.com

and today I’m super excited to announce the awesome NICKASAUR has joined Sovndwave! You can now pick up any of these guy’s tracks for free use in the backgrounds of your videos at:


Thanks so much for supporting this guys, I’ve always wanted to help the youtube community grow and better itself in some way, and I hope this really works out for everyone!