So, I’m waiting for an email back from the gym to find out whether me and my mum have their support for our fundraising. I haven’t spoke about that on here …

Love on The Transplant List. We watched it. I got inspired. I’m on my year out and I was planning to try and raise money for a mental health organisation, but after watching this, I’ve come up with the idea of doing a 50 mile bike ride (bike machines at the gym!) to raise money for Live Life then Give Life.

I’m sat here patiently waiting for the heads up from the gym so I can start my sponsors and posters. 

But I do wish I could do something more for those people who's life's are depending on a transplant. The statistics make me sad and it makes me feel lucky for what I have.

attention people from manchester! so on saturday 25th january it is the third charity event that i am organising for the beautiful organisation ‘live life then give life’. we are going to have a raffle, and selling lovely little trinkets alongside bringing you some of the best poetry and live music that the city of manchester has to offer. to top it off, we will also have stand up comedy and a dj set until 2am. all at the lovely fuel cafe bar which serves a variety of gorgeous vegan and vegetarian food! this cause, if you don’t know, makes a phenomenal difference in raising awareness and support for people waiting on the list for organ donations and we want to make a huge difference on this night to help them continue spreading the gift of life. it’s going to be an amazing night and if you can make it down then you absolutely should. if you want any more information about the charity and my connection with them, message me or better yet, go to their website: http://www.lltgl.org.uk/

come along, give your pennies and give your guts my beauties!

for anyone who hasn’t seen me post excessively about the charity fundraiser that i have organised for the beautiful organisation, live life then give life, here is a little example of one of the mind-blowing acts that will be playing on the night at the marvellous venue, antwerp mansion. 3 people die every day waiting for a transplant and this charity is working to change that; if you live in manchester and have £3 to spare, get your tickets here and come along to here some raw talent from bands like this as well as show your appreciation for an amazing cause.

listen to more of this band, saturday morning cartoons, here.

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