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Royale by julia cross


Rococo (7) by 阿K子(Kay)


Royale da julia cross


So its +30 here or 83 F

There is no way to escape that heat -_-

Someone once told Lai that with a power of his mind he could do anything. Lai promptly took that on board. They did not know how bloody stupid that boy was though.

So during a heat wave he decided to pretend it is winter so he would not be so hot. Wearing warmest clothes he had, Lai kept imagining a cold winter’s day.

To use the power’s of one’s mind one needs a mind to begin with.

Lai was later taken to his father’s lab suffering from a heat stroke.

The end.

XDDD I can’t believe I actually did this little shoot thinking “ Hey maybe if I do something winter related I won’t be so hot.” Then I realized I am just as stupid as Lai was.

On another note : D Lai’s new haircut <3 …Not sticking around. Turtle necks, short cuts and chubby faces don’t mix for him .  I wish there was a way to put a doll on a diet that does not include sanding or carving >>


Smoke by 阿K子(Kay)


Smoke da 阿K子(Kay)


Ok XD I am now happy I have wiped him!! : D It’s probably like my tenth face up ever but it looks alright . Airbrush refused to work for me so All I had is one pencil, cotton buds and few chalks. I found a secret to good color with chalk !! Q-tips  D:  I love the mod and he looks adorable and I made him that wig last night so he can rock that for a while.

I think he looks much better now ;-;

what do we think?


Nice haircut <3 by 阿K子(Kay)


Selfie with Girlfriend <3 by 阿K子(Kay)
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