Fun Fact - levator labii superioris alaeque nasi

levator labii superioris alae·que na·si \ ləˈvātər/ ’lei-bi.ai/ su,piər.i’or.is/-ā-ˈlē-kwē-ˈnā-ˌzī\; noun, Latin meaning lifter of the upper lip and wing (ala) of the nose

Anatomy Def: muscle of facial expression that flares the nostril and lifts the upper lip

Outlander Def: An sexy wee muscle that flares Jamie’s nostrils when he’s waited long enuf - no more stalling clever Claire!

Learn about levator labii superioris alaeque nasi (LLSAN), a tiny muscle with the longest name of any, in Anatomy Lesson #11: Jamie’s Face or Ye Do It Face to Face? Also known as the Elvis muscle, it snarls the lip and flares the nostrils. A mnemonic to remember its name is: “Little Ladies Snore All Night.

Read about Jamie’s nose in Outlander book:

He regarded me for a moment, rubbing his nose, which was beginning to redden. “Well, I might take that several ways, Sassenach, but under the circumstances,” he said, “thank you.” “I should thank you,” I said, “for marrying me. I must say that I’d rather be here than in Fort William.” “I thank ye for the compliment, lady,” he said.

See Jamie’s nostrils flare in Starz episode 107, The Wedding (and in episode 101, too). Yes, it’s his LLSAN at work!

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