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Akira Hokuto vs. Shinobu Kandori
December 6th, 1993

At Dreamslam 1, April 2nd, 1993, Hokuto and Kandori had a five star match that ended with Hokuto drenched in her own blood (so much so that her hair, blonde when she started the match, was a gruesome shade of pink because she had bled that much). This match, while nowhere near as gory, is neither less fantastic nor less brutal than that first Dreamslam match, and very much worth your time if you have a moment to check it out.

World Woman Wrestling Diana Presents : Jaguar Yokota 38th Anniversary  Results
Shingawa Prince Hotel eX, Tokyo (14:00)
500 Fans (Overcrowded)

* Tag Team Match : Eiger & Keiko Aono vs. ARIYA & Megumi Yabushita
Winner : Eiger with Sunset Flip to ARIYA (9:26)
* Single Match : Dump Matsumoto vs. Tomoko Watanabe
Winner : Matsumoto with a Body Press (7:30)
* Tag Team Match : Shinobu Kandori & Takako Inoue [LLPW-X] vs. Command Bolshoi & KAZUKI [JWP]
Winner : Kandori with Cross Armbreaker to KAZUKI (
* 6 Person Tag Team Match : Meiko Tanaka, Mima Shimoda & Yumiko Hotta vs. Kaoru Ito, Manami Toyota & Sareee
Winner : Shimoda with a Tiger Suplex Hold to Sareee (19:25)
* Jaguar Yokota 38th Anniversary Special Tag Team Match : Jaguar Yokota & Kyoko Inoue vs. Voodoo Murders (TARU & “Brother” YASSHI)
Winner : Yokota with a La Magistral to YASSHI (15:56)

jillvalentinesaidso-deactivated asked:

2,4,7,18,20,22,23,24,33,39, answer them all please


2:Current female wrestler Arisa Nakajima by far. Love her personality inside the ring, her fashion, and her transitions.

4:All time female wrestler Mayumi Ozaki. I do identify more with Shinobu Kandori, but my favorite is definitely Ozaki. Basically for similar reasons as Arisa.

7:Ring gear Hokuto for sure.the shear amount and different styles is crazy great and she sewed them all herself. THough it’s funny she had the worst fashion sense outside the ring. 

18:Feud Hokuto vs LLPW. LLPW didn’t have the wrestlers JWP did so Hokuto didn’t have as many great matches as the JWP vs AJW feud did, but all her matches were intense, varied, and told a story.

20:Slogan/tag line Arisa Nakajima: Pure of Heart Violence GIrl


22:Worst entrance theme Io Shirai’s  jpop cover of we will rock you was pretty awful

23:Worst gimmick Molly holly’s during her feud with Trish. It was so intentionally and unintentionally sexist in every which way. From the character itself’s internalized sexist slut shaming of trish to the sexist way the character was treated as well.

24:Which wrestler would you like to see make a return? Tyrannosaurus Okuda Biggest disappointment in like 10 years. Had all the potential ever but just kept getting injured over and over til she had to quit. Fuck man…..Nagisa NOzaki Same as Okuda. Not half the potential but she had an awesome ability to take on whatever character she was given and roll and nmake it awesome.Arisa HOshiki: Pretty much forced to quit because of her parents disapproval after the Io Shirai framed for possession scandal. Had crazy talent and a look that would appeal to a lot of audiences.Asuka Ohki random jwp rookie who disappeared withotu explanation in the mid 2000′s. Reminded me a lot of AKINO with her boyish look and shoot submissions.Manami Katsu No idea why she retired. Had too much potential and was so smart in the ring.If we did take injuries

33:Why do you love wrestling? Mixes MMA and theater which are my two favorite things in the world.

39:What is your best wrestling related memory? Seeing Del Rey vs Ayako Hamada live

Hiroyo Matsumoto Produce : Strikes Back - Countercharge! Results
Shinkiba 1stRING (18:00)
315 Fans (Overcrowded)

* Single Match : Kaho Kobayashi vs. SAKI [LLPW-X]
Winner : Kobayashi with a School Boy (11:06)
* Single Match : Hamuko Hoshi [Ice Ribbon] vs. Io Shirai [Stardom]
Winner : Io with a Moonsault Press (8:24)
* Masakado [ZERO1] & Ryo Kawamura [Pancrase Mission] vs. Choun Shiryu & Jason Lee [ZERO1]
Winner : Kawamura with a Necklock to Shiryu (12:36)
* Chikayo Nagashima [OZ Academy] & Ryo Mizunami [WAVE/ZABUN] vs. Mio Shirai & Misaki Ohata
Winner : Mio with Tsuchigumo to Nagashima (14:57)
* Main Event : Hiroyo Matsumoto vs. Arisa Nakajima [JWP]
Winner : Nakajima with Dragon Suplex hold (23:14)