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The Lloyd’s Building London UK - 1978 to 1986 - Architect: Richard Rogers Partnership

Imma pick out some parts of the Kicks and Bricks interview I found interesting

Looks like this is where the “Luh-Lloyd?” line actually comes from, and Garmadon finds out he’s the Green Ninja.

Garmadon literally cries fire

Zane tries to murder his teammates sometimes but everyone’s okay with it

(btw I love the way LEGO Movies have the characters move; even though they’re LEGO and it’s kind of animated like its stop-motion, they’re still fluid)

Jay uses his scarf to create static electricity, which is clever

Unless it’s some kind of trickery, Wu shows he can use Water. Looks like they’re actually going to do something with the idea that Wu has all of the ninja’s elements, instead of pretending he doesn’t have powers until summoning a dragon out of nowhere, raising the question of why he never uses the super awesome god powers he supposedly has. This time, including Water.

This is just adorable

Misako doesn’t know Lloyd is the Green Ninja, unless she’s pretending.

Garmadon was still bitten by a snake, except this time, that’s what gave him four arms, not turned him evil. And the snake.. was bitten by a spider. (what if the spider is the Overlord?)

Yup it certainly shows

The ninja are doing some kind of ritual in a collapsing building, and Lloyd is.. giving words of encouragement? I wonder if he actually has powers in the movie, or if it’s some kind of.. the real superpower of teamwork thing. Or maybe Lloyd unlocks his power immediately after but we can’t know until the movie comes out

Looks like they’re about to do Spinjitzu. Also Jay’s determined face

I want this movie to come out now

This image is very different from my usual work. I’ve always been intrigued by the rain so while I was dodging the rain, I captured this image as I loved the contrast of the rain to the stone walls

London is filled with stories and contradictions. Yes, plenty of contradictions. What you see hear are Lloyds Building and the Cheesegrater building.

I named this image Strains and Cords because these 2 buildings remind me of intricate musical instruments each with their unique sounds but at the same time beautifully complimenting each other

pastelhorizons  asked:

Hello! I'm going to London and Paris in a few weeks, are there any architectural landmarks that you would recommend to visit, Thank you <3

We have posted extensively about Paris and featured it here.

Here are some other recommendations:

You cannot visit Paris without visiting The Louvre, Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Sacre-Coeur (below), Musee d’Orsay, Notre Dame Cathedral, Versailles Palace, Les Invalides and Centre Pompidou.

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