some people think the theatre is about escape and some people think that the theatre is about fighting hatred and some people think the theatre is about illuminating the condition of humankind

but they’re all wrong

theatre is about suing andrew lloyd webber and building a swimming pool in his honor with the money you win

London is filled with stories and contradictions. Yes, plenty of contradictions. What you see hear are Lloyds Building and the Cheesegrater building.

I named this image Strains and Cords because these 2 buildings remind me of intricate musical instruments each with their unique sounds but at the same time beautifully complimenting each other

pastelhorizons  asked:

Hello! I'm going to London and Paris in a few weeks, are there any architectural landmarks that you would recommend to visit, Thank you <3

We have posted extensively about Paris and featured it here.

Here are some other recommendations:

You cannot visit Paris without visiting The Louvre, Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Sacre-Coeur (below), Musee d’Orsay, Notre Dame Cathedral, Versailles Palace, Les Invalides and Centre Pompidou.

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Ninjago movie headcanons

The ninjago we see in the movie was actually built by Lloyd, Jay and Cole (of the show).

Lloyd originally was building it so he could just feel in control of events (and maybe have some wish fulfilment with a good mother).

Cole painted and designed all the minifigures and buildings in the movie for Lloyd, however was kind of annoyed when he couldn’t find the right hair piece for his minifig so settled for the one he has in the movie.

Jay eventually discovers their project and others to help with more technical and mechanical things such as moving bridges and such in return he asked Cole if he could get a sister in the ninjago they were building as he’d always wanted one.

Then one day Nya brings home a cat she found, naming her Martha and Kai buys a laser pointer to keep Martha entertained.

And then all hell breaks loose…

(Or the liveaction kid in the lego movie has a jerk for a friend)