i spent some time looking up what size tumblr windows are/how tags work/etc. and i decided to go ahead and use this as my art blog. these are just pokemon b/w sprites recolored/pixeled. nothing special. martel is my fav here. i plan on posting more symphonia stuff in the future, so subscribe or follow or whatever if you want.

sylvarant team: scientist raine, schoolboy genis, pokemon ranger lloyd, waitress colette

tethe’alla team: pokemon ranger sheena, musician zelos, schoolgirl presea, blackbelt regal

four seraphim: veteran kratos, janitor* yuan, nursery aid martel, rich boy mithos

*because he’s always cleaning up other people’s messes


Talesring Festival 2016 Clearfile
This came as a pre-purchase bonus if you bought the corresponding DJCD at Tales of Festival 2016, before its formal release.

(Please credit if using.)

in divination, the fool is the first tarot card in the major arcana. it is often interpreted as the hero or protagonist who goes on “the fool’s journey.” it is also associated with new beginnings, adventure, spontaneity, innocence, etc. however, it can also signify recklessness, naivety, or (of course) foolishness.

complete with mini-noishe. see time lapse progress video here and be amazed by what i named my layers. “let’s play drunk symphonia” is out now.


What kind of Tales blog would I be if I didn’t screen shot the infamous “hot coffee” scene once I got to this point?