lloyd the bartender

Lloyd the Bartender is one of the most impacting characters on the film, and anyone who’s watched it would agree there is something off-putting about him (despite the fact where he’s just a figment of Jack’s imagination that was given from the beginning). I always thought that Kubrick was very spot on for getting the particular actor (Joe Turkel) for the role; he played it very well. You’d be taken with the politeness and grace he exudes, but with that comes along the right amount of creepy.

But I noticed that Lloyd doesn’t ever blink. It’s like his eyes just bore into yours, if you placed yourself in Jack’s place. He looks away from Jack and does at some point (and I almost had to throw this theory away), but the more you look at the scene, you just can’t pry away from his eyes.

He reminded me of a character from Jean-Paul Sartre's No Exit. The bellboy doesn’t blink either.  Said character also interacts with the protagonist and brings him to his room (yes, the story also takes place at a hotel that represents Hell). It was speculated that this bellboy was actually the devil, or a demon. Bellboys and bartenders differ in service, but what they both do is: service. Back to Lloyd, he appears just after Jack says the pretentious line, “I’d give my goddamn soul… for just a glass of beer." Says a lot, doesn’t it? Not to mention the last bit, the 1920s party photo with Jack immortalized in it, is very telling indeed.

Hiya everyone, so I have kind of a request. As maybe some of you know, I LOVE The Shining (Jack Nicholson), and of course Dean Ambrose! I’ve been looking for some edits of the two together, but I don’t have photoshop to make them. I would love you forever if someone could please compose Dean Ambrose’s head onto Lloyd The Bartender’s head?? I could have the best of both worlds in one picture…*faints* <3


Jack Torrance is really not happy with the jukebox at the Overlook Hotel’s Gold Room bar. (a Smash TV original production)