lloyd iving

I know this seemed like just a quick joke that didn’t have any specific reasoning behind it, but hear me out

Point 1: Lloyd is the one that released Meowthra

(And it is implied that when meowthra enters the scene, the Shark Army doesn’t have to much of a good time)

 From “The Ninjago Movie, The Essential Guide”

Point 2: General 1/prior two’s (Let’s just call her Gen for simplicity) design changes noticeably.

A list of changes, starting from least important to most important.

1: Hair is in a different position. This may mean nothing since the character’s hair in this movie can move.

2: Frills are down and appear broken. This would be one way to show that she was in a fight.

3: Medallions slightly melted signifying great heat. Another example is the prior General 1,

His medals are melted and his clothes are full of burns. Presumably from when Garmadon fired him, out of the volcano base.

“… He enjoys glory, power, and a chance to bask in Lord Garmadon’s evil shadow. There’s just one snag. If he upsets his boss, he will be fired. From a volcano. Just like every other General #1 before him.”

A speech bubble from him on the same page

“Wait, Sir! I was only trying to help!”

So, we can presume he’s booted and Gen takes his place.

4:  There is a burn on Gen’s lower right side and the belt is broken. You know what is probably hot? The laser that Meowthra followed. And who wielded the laser? Lloyd Garmadon.

5: The most important. Look at Gen’s arms in the screenshot. One white glove, one black glove. Both of her hands usually have white gloves.

5.1: She also has a much different expression than in the picture with the cup. 

Point 3: Why the different gloves?

Well, if the laser pointed at her, Meowthra most likely attacked her. (It was also aimed at her right side, where she is missing the white glove) 

This is where it gets into more theory territory,

Meowthra attacked her and she lost her right arm.

This would explain a lot. Her motive to attack Lloyd. Surely if Garmadon joined Lloyd she would too, right? Unless she had something against him, like losing a limb. Why did Lloyd lose his right arm specifically? Gen wanted revenge.

That is my theory, which i’m pretty confident of. It explains her motive and why it was Lloyd’s right arm. I encourage questions or comments!


Just a bunch of chess pieces moved about by unseen hands in a universe bored with itself. And now here she was, just another pawn. Evie wanted to cry. From fear. From exhaustion, yes. But mostly from the cruel uselessness, the damned stupid arbitrariness of it all.

“Oh my God you want relationship advice.” Kai whispered, grinning.

Lloyd’s face was bright red. “Kai, help.”

“Why are you asking me?”

“I need the help of a more experienced bi!”

“Lloyd, just because I’m engaged to Jay doesn’t mean I know how I did it!” Kai held up the hand with the ring for emphasis. 


Read in 2016 » The Diviners by Libba Bray 

“People tend to think that hate is the most dangerous emotion. But love is equally dangerous,” Will said. “There are many stories of spirits haunting the places and people who meant the most to them. In fact, there are more of those than there are revenge stories.”


books read in 2015:   L A I R   O F   D R E A M S   by Libba Bray

Above their heads, a steady stream of ones and zeros trickled down like rain, which made Henry think about music theory and song structure and Ling of the Bagua of the I Ching. Whole dream worlds were born of this numerical rain: The ghostly jazz bands of New Orleans’ West End inked themselves into existence against the filmy sky. A swooping Coney Island roller coaster skated a constant figure eight, a memory from Ling’s childhood. A Chinese puppet show appeared, the sticks operated by unseen hands.
       It was as if all time and space were unfolding at once around them, a river without end. The borders of their selves vanished; they flowed through time, and it through them, till they didn’t know if these things they saw had already been or would come to pass. Henry had never experienced such a profound sense of happiness, of being right in his self and in the world.
       “To us,” he said, raising a glass.
       “To us,” the others echoed, and they watched the sky give birth to new dreams.

female film directors

“It’s irrelevant who or what directed a movie, the important thing is that you either respond to it or you don’t. There should be more women directing; I think there’s just not the awareness that it’s really possible. It is.” - Kathryn Bigelow


they ask you “what was the high point?” hall of fame, selling all those records, pulling “sherry” out of the hat… it was all great. but four guys under a street lamp, when it was all still ahead of us; the first time we made that sound–our sound–when everything dropped away and all there was was the music… that was the best.