Lloyd is small and pure and thus the best candidate to be Kai’s best friend. Cuz he’s the chosen one. right to left -


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Will Lloyd ever get a love interest even if he doesn’t end up with her? I was just curious how Lloyd would react to the idea of romance.The other ninja and senseis had their share and we all saw how they dealt with their love life. I’m just wondering how will Lloyd act when he sees someone who catches his eye…


Here’s a list of the characters for this au. Im still working out some stuff so if you have suggestions I’LL MAKE AN ASK BOX WOOOOOOOOOO

Do note, The characters are swapped due to their main roles. Most of the time it’s not their personality. Some personalities STAY THE SAME! Though, they might have the smallest reminiscence of the original characters personalities as well. Their physical appearance stays the same AS WELL, But they could get outfits based off their roles.

Frisk stays the same because of Determination n’ stuff.

P.s- The ninja do have remembrance of their previous life. They remember it well.

Setting is the underground. NOT Ninjago.

Characters swapped:

Toriel: Misako (ROLE/PERSONALITY) *The queen of the underground. Very supportive and lonely :”( *

Attack: Gold attack. Various patterns. (It runs in the family)

Sans: Jay (ROLE) *Wary of humans. Regular ol Jay. Older than Kai. Can be fought if you make bad choices, you dirty brother killer. (Doesn’t have 1 hp though. He’s pretty strong, ya know. Bad cook. Really bad. If you do fight him it would probably sorta be like Papyrus Disbelief

Attack: LIGHTNINGGG Nun chucks, Blue Lightning. (sorta like in Asriel’s actual battle.) 

Papyrus: Kai (Role/Personality) *Very determined, but still is normal Kai. Not as excitable. Being trained by Zane to enter royal gaurd. Bad cook. EXTRA BAD.Not much to say about this guy. REALLY likes Cole. (If you dont ship lavashipping dont worry about this fact, my friend. If you do, GREAT!! I support all ships.)

Attack: Fire, Blue sWORDS. AND MORE FIRE.

Undyne: Zane (ROLE) *Leader of the royal gaurd. Same Zane. Worries over Kai and doesn’t want him honestly into the royal gaurd. Supportive. Doesn’t honestly want to fight you. But, he will if you even cut someone on accident. (ALSO he looks like pre S4 Zane but if you do a genocide run he turns into S4 Zane and he will kick ass.) Really nice guy though.

Alphys: Pixal (ROLE/PERSONALITY) *Borg left her the laboratory in his will. Works on a “secret project” (Only Jay knows bout it) Romanticizes over sOMEONE (He’s pretty COOL if ya catch my drift) AND IF YA DONT WANT THAT YA DONT HAVE TO HAVE THAT YOU CAN JUST IGNORE IT ITS JUST FOR YA KNOW (I know some people dont like pixane but if you do GO FOR IT! If you dont thats fine just ignore this fact) and is pretty shy due to failing experiments. Not really THAT nervous.

Mettaton: Cole (ROLE - Maybe personality ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ) Inspired by @jadeyarts**

HOT NEW BODY MADE BY PIXAL (And I guess their pretty good buds.) Likes to fling his legs around. **The body doesn’t have to look like mettas you can design your own. OR KEEP IT ITS LOVELY.** i dont have a ton ideas for this one sorry.


Asgore: Garmadon (Role/Personality)

Not a whole ton of ideas. YOU GUYS FIGURE IT OUT.

Attack: Golden attack, staff.



Flowey: Golden Dragon (Personality) HOWDY


Re-watching Ninjago.

Episode 18 “Child’s Play” is sad but I always wondered what Lloyd thought after, you know, getting older (even in that same night). I know that, as the Green Ninja, Lloyd had a duty to defeat Lord Garmadon and save the world, but at what cost?
I imagine that there are moments when he just wanted to go back to being a child.

I apologize for my English,  don’t know if I wrote the texts properly on the pics.

Btw the ninjas outfit is a fusion between their uniforms and the clothes they wear in that episode.


Lloyd Lay it down”, Sehun’s favorite song and Chanyeol singing it <3