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is mila kotakoti?

She is not. Kotakoti is Dakota Rose, or informally known as Kiki Kannibal’s little sister. Lllunabelle just gained a lot of strange attention and some vicious hate because she had a very eerie and similar style to Kotakoti. But everyone wants to be an Internet Star! Why not jump on the living doll bandwagon or the “nu goth” phase that’s beboppin’ around, eh?

“I wouldn’t be surprised that MIla may have some sort of dissociative identity disorder. It’s a bit sad though and I wouldn’t ridicule anyone who has to suffer an illness that causes them to lose touch with who they actually are, even if it causes them to take on the personality of someone else. You would really need to be suffering badly to want to become someone else so strongly.”

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i heard her last name isnt really mortice, coz she likes to protect her identity on the internet (like her name wasnt luna either)

I’d like to sit down and like to believe people have really cool, edgy last names… like Fawn. And Mortice. But they don’t. People need to be a tad bit more realistic and realize that’s her new and improved, but unoriginal internet persona.