This was horrible.
At the Tuscon reptile expo the LLLreptile booth was the most disappointing.
This little beardie had been pretty much smashed by a little boy who kept picking them up with what I call “pinching”. Its just when someone picks a small lizard up by pinching both sides of the lizard…which I do not like. This little guys back was CLEARLY fucked up and I brought it to attention, the guy working that part of the booth just said hes fine. So as Im holding this poor beardie another woman points it out, he said the same, by that point I was extremely pissed off and heartbroken..I went off to find my friend so that he could also say something about it and the worker guy continued to be a dick about it.
I wouldve taken it, but I wasnt aloud to by anything and the worker wouldnt deal to lower the price for this dieing lizard.

So I’ll be able to set up my bearded dragon tank about a week earlier than I thought I could! :D YAY

but now for a big important question: has anyone had bad experiences with shipping animals from LLLReptiles? Or poor quality animals?

I got my gecko from them at a convention and she’s been perfect: active, friendly, and very healthy. I want to hear other experiences though.

A local breeder I’ve got my eyes on is Danny’s Dragons, so I’d love to hear experiences on them as well.