❝all i’m saying is that don’t you need some form of waiver or consent form to be able to take pictures here?❞ selino didn’t know where he was going with this, but the longer he talked to the woman the longer he would have to see if she had any cash or something valuable. ❝unless of course you give the owner of the place a fee and make him sign something. have you spoken to the owner yet?❞ curiosity burned through the male’s body as he tried to figure out just how legit of a photographer she was if anything he could pass of as the owner’s nephew and accept the charge on their behave.

           ‘ I really don’t want to be a bother, but would you mind lending me a hand for a bit? Lips curved into a shy smile, the attempt of looking innocent reddning her cheeks. Packed with an impressingly high amount of newly bought books and her bag hung over one shoulder, the struggle was painted clear on her face as she shot a quick look over at Malina.I just need to carry these over to the desk there.

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