London Leos I Love 6/? (feel free to delete text)

RUS, Aliya Mustafina & Viktoria Komova

The cut’s unique, the fabric has a cool look to it, the top design is unique and really suits the Russian girls (and accentuates their bust and in the world of gymnastics usually they need to take all they can get unless you are Alicia Sacramone because shes already got it).

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London Leos I Love 8/? (feel free to delete text)

RUS, WAG team

Definitely my favourite Russian leotard of this olympics. ITS JUST GORGEOUS. Simple colour scheme with well placed designs makes it pop.  And its looks perfect for the russian girls!

London Leos I Love 1/? (feel free to delete text)

USA, Aly Raisman

There was a lot of hate on these leos when the pictures first came out; but personally Ireally liked them! And I like it even more now because Aly owned it and basically I just think its awesome.

Its very patriotic, which I think balances out the other American leos which where just one colour and some of them were pink or purple.



Sorry this description started out well now its just getting more and more disjointed.

London Leos I Love 7/? (feel free to delete text)

USA, Gabrielle Douglas & Alexandra Raisman


Its ok guys, its a NICE hot pink leo. It hasn’t been overdone, nice and simple, letting the fabric shine with just a little bit of sequins perfectly finishing it off.

London Leos I Love 5/? (feel free to delete text)

GBR, Beth Tweddle

I love ALL of the uniforms of GBR. They are definitely my favourite uniforms. It really felt like they were part of a team across all the sports. I love that they have standard flag colours and using the flag design for all the uniforms set them apart. And it looked awesome.

This leo (for me at least) has everything: unique design, not over-bearing, patriotic, sparkly, and Beth Tweddle wearing it.


London Leos I Love 2/? (feel free to delete text)

ROM, Catalina Ponor

You know, I really wasn’t feeling the Romanian team leos at London. They just seemed so-so, nothing really unique about them. And I don’t usually like any mesh leos, but this one is awesome. It totally suits Cata, and I guess that is why I love it so much.

Sorry about the quality, there is only a few photos of Catalina in this leo and none are the right size. I think the media is totally biased in who they take pictures of. Or maybe I’m wrong and its just that none of them are on the internet.

London Leos I Love 4/? (feel free to delete text)

RUS, Kseniia Afanasyeva

I like this one because it’s different, different to the other simple designs that aren’t symmetrical and so very Russian. And I think it looks the best on Kseniia. And I keep starting sentences with and. And I’m not supposed to do that. Or end with and. And I’m probably not supposed to start with or either.