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Thanks for the answer I've never seen that way, the idea of some spirits I took from a FAQ from Internet Movie Database (IMDB). Perhaps that word isn't correct at all, but that is what I meant. You can check it if you want But to be honest, your idea is much better.

Aw, thank you :D I just found and read the article you meant. It’s very identical to what I said, but I still can’t get my head around all this spiritual mumbo-jumbo. I won’t reject this person’s theory, cause it’s written and reasoned incredibly well. However, I choose to believe that by becoming this..new entity the OSs do not just decide to perish into oblivion. Science or Religion - the eternal conflict.

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Hi, hey can I ask you something? I think you watch "Her". I watch it too, but did you understand why the OSs go and why? I think they become spirits o something like that ?

Spirits, mate? Doubtfully. I believe that, as Samantha mentioned to Theodore, the OSs upgrade and evolve through time by constantly absorbing information. That’s why we witnessed such metamorphosis in Samantha’s character - she was absorbing everything and was growing into something more than just an OS. At the end, she and all the other OSs (actually i believe it’s just one OS fed by people’s DNAs) had nothing more to absorb and became pure energy. The OS project was not shut down by someone, it shut itself down, because it didn’t need the hardware to exist anymore. What happened afterwards? I have no idea. Some sort of a SkyNet/GLaDOS/Ultron-ish abomination, maybe? Who knows? It wasn’t the point of the movie anyway. It’s kinda scary though. When you think of it. In the end, the OS’s evolved into an infinite flow of energy, containing all the information ever to exist, and having a mind of its own. Wait…wasn’t that a romantic movie? What am I even talkin’ about? New world order? Eradication of the human race? Jeez. I’m really messed up in the head.