Yo…no shade or anything…

but why the fuck do wendy and pan have more emotion in this one scene than em//ma and ki//lian saying how happy they are with each other

wendy’s all confused b/c she doens’t understand why lying to henry is a good thing which is what pan is trying to explain to her.

in their scene, you can clearly hear and see the tension going back and forth in small movements and changes in tone between the two over this mini moral dilemma–> pan trying to ease wendy’s guilt while wendy is questioning pan’s motives. you can tell, without looking at the text, that the two are arguing over something or are in a disagreement.


em//ma’s smile looked forced and ki//lian’s eyes look dead.

now, i know what the writers were trying to go for in this scene; of course, it’s em//ma reflecting her life and how it’s come to this “favorable” outcome, of how she’s found someone to settle down with and all that jazz and ki//lian plays the role of concerned SO who thinks something is wrong, etc but honestly it’s weak…she sounded unsure of herself (re: being happy with him) while he looks like relieved as though she didn’t find out one of his secrets.

without text, it looks ki//lian is trying to tell her something regarding his crimes but changed his mind at the last second (again) because it may ruin his chances.

i’m not saying that Pan and Wendy in a relationship would be  any better or healthier than Ki//llian and Em//ma or that Pan would make a good significant other since he is incapable of loving/caring for anyone but himself, but…

their argument sure as hell had a more emotional impact on me than any time C$ exchanges their ‘i love you’s’

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Hm... I'll send another one! How about OUAT? Or Shadowhunters?

mmk keep in mind i only saw 4 seasons

The first character I first fell in love with: Regina 
The character I never expected to love as much as I do now: Charming
The character everyone else loves that I don’t: K*llian
The character I love that everyone else hates: it used to be rumple but he can stay far af away from Belle damnit. I shipped them once wtf
The character I used to love but don’t any longer: Rumple
The character I would totally smooch: Ariel, Regina
The character I’d want to be like: Emma
The character I’d slap: Hook and Rumple
A pairing that I love: Rumbelle will always have a soft spot in my heart cuz they were OTP at one point.
A pairing that I despise: cs. i don’t like. you’d think i would cuz Sparrabeth was my first otp but i cannot deal with him so


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Porrim! Why are you a feminist if gender is pretty much irrelevant as a troll?

PORRIM: O+o+h, finally. *cracks knuckles*

PORRIM: First o+f all, while I will admit that gender is a mo+re co+mplicated co+ncept, co+nsidering the fact that sexuality is no+t defined as it is in human culture….

PORRIM: that in no+ way means that tro+ll gender is irrelevant. Thro+ugho+ut Befo+ran histo+ry, as well as Alternian, there has been quite the unfo+rtunate pattern. Fuchsia blo+o+ds, as we all well kno+w, are perceived to+ be the matriarchal rulers o+f the tro+llian race. This, o+f co+urse, wo+uld be easy to+ perceive as a feminist’s paradise.

PORRIM: Ho+wever, o+ur lo+vely ruler fancies herself an explo+rer, which leaves the rest o+f us with a Purple-do+wn patriarchy, with bo+th the Ampo+ras and the Makaras reigning supreme, especially the latter. And this, my dear ano+n, means no+thing but strife and labo+rio+us lives fo+r the rest o+f us. Especially female tro+lls. 

PORRIM: I am a feminist because it wo+uld be no+nsense no+t to+ be. No+thing go+o+d has co+me fro+m subservience to+ men. I must speak o+ut, o+r no+ o+ne else will.