llftx joshige


One of these things is not like the other. ;P

The Love Triangle in New York event has started (8/29-9/13) for Love Letter From Thief X (Joshige). Basically, the Black Foxes all end up needing to go to New York, each for different reasons, which also culminates in a mission. During the prologue, the MC looks at the world news, and who happens to be on the TV… Hayate in NY! He wants to know the name of the island he’s on. XD;;; The MC wonders if it’s some kind of costume party, and how New York seems to be interesting with all kinds of people. lol, I can’t.

So with the PiL and LLFTX events running simultaneously, I’m now assuming it’ll be cameos galore? With the story being in NY, I keep waiting for some SitSC guys to show up as well. haha I guess we’ll find out later! ;)