Alvarezsaurus calvoi

Source: http://img1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20130715144851/dinosaurs/images/7/79/Alvarezsaurus.jpg

NameAlvarezsaurus calvoi

Name Meaning: Alvarez’s Lizard 

First Described: 1991

Described By: Bonaparte 

ClassificationDinosauria, Sauirschia, Theropoda, Neotheropoda, Averostra, Tetanurae, Orionides, Avetheropoda, Coelurosauria, Tyrannoraptora, Maniraptoriformes, Maniraptora, Alvarezsauria, Alvarezsauroidea, Alvarezsauridae

The type species of the Alvarezsaurids, it was a small dinosaur about 2 meters long, and one of the first of this group discovered. However, even though this is the type species, it is one of the least well known given to the partial nature of the found remains. It lived approximately 86 to 83 million years ago, in the Santonian age of the Late Cretaceous. It was found in the Bajo de la Carpa Formation in Argentina, and was actually very large for its family group, and was fairly primitive compared to other genera. Despite what Dinosaur Planet might have implied, it did not coexist with Saltasaurus




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Can you believe Spring is only a few days away?!

We’re preparing a set of incredible GLOW-IN-THE-DARK releases to celebrate—featuring the art of Llew Mejia, an illustrator and textile designer whose art we’ve been drooling over since we found him on Instagram last year. Check out his links below and get even more psyched for the coming of Spring.





Did you know the study of bats is called Chiropterology? 

It’s a fun word to say.


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Llew Mejia for Wrap 10

Here’s a look at Llew Mejia’s extraordinarily detailed and striking illustration ‘Cryptobotany’ for our new issue – Wrap 10, 'Into The Wild’. What a seriously talented guy he is, and what a pleasure it’s been to feature him in Wrap; his interview is just brilliant – funny, insightful and so inspiring. 

Check out his Tumblr and Instagram (@llewmejia) for regular updates.

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We are so excited to release Llew Mejia’s bat prints for the first day of spring! We had to get creative for the “signing” of these two editions – Llew lives in Minneapolis and we’re in Boston. Shipping them back in forth would have been cost-prohibitive. Instead, we invited Llew to send us his studio mark so we could make it into a laser-cut rubber stamp. Then, we stamp-embossed each print with his “signature” and the edition number. Stamp embossing (or watermarking) is easy! You just use a clear stamp pad and sprinkle a special embossing powder over the impression. After removing the excess dust, you use a special heat gun to melt the powder… Et voila! You’re left with a subtle mark on the paper.

Llew’s prints are available on Trifecta. They ship with a certificate of authenticity that HAS made the trip to Minneapolis and back to be signed by Llew himself.