==> Lleion, lose your mind

The bar was close to closing and she knew she couldn’t stay here for much longer. It had been so long since she had visited a place such as this. The last time was…well, it was when life was worse. But things had certainly taken a darker turn, hadn’t they? Everything played out in her mind, over and over like a bad movie. Had Amieha managed to make it out of the forest? Was she going to be okay? What if her injuries became infected? It was one thing to hurt a kismesis it was another thing to mutilate them….ex-kismesis. Or sort of for the moment ex–Lleion cringes, holding her head in her hand. 

Her brain hurt, felt like it was going to explode from the throbbing. The troll winces again, rubbing the bridge of her nose gingerly and wondering what will make the hurt go away. Wasn’t alcohol supposed to drown it out? It was working wonders on her shoulder wound that she never patched up. It seemed to have stopped bleeding a while ago, blue caked onto her top and skin.

The bartender looks over at her suspiciously but doesn’t say anything. Lleion doesn’t blame him. She knows she looks a wreck. But she just can’t leave, can’t face what she’s done and can’t face the truth that she had cracked and harmed Amieha to such an extent.


Magical girl Amieha who doesn’t like to be seen in public in her kawaii outfit.

Tuxedo Mask Lleion who generally just sits around and laughs at the magical girls, never really helping them.

Magical Pimp Renare who’s power allows her to make legions of women swoon and have sex with her.

I’m making this AU happen

you can’t stop me

just join.

She’s one of my six trolls. Her name is Lleion and she fights with warhammerkind. She’s really sweet and has a love of flowers and gardening but she has a much darker side to her since she was a mobster/hitman for a while in her life.

==> Lleion, go get some ice cream.

It’s been a few days since the incident she was involved in. Ariati had been so mad when she found out about what happened, threatening to kill Amieha if she ever found her. Of course Lleion didn’t think she’d actually follow through, but it was a “kind” gesture. She wondered why exactly the other reacted the way she did, especially considering that they don’t get to hang out as much and Ariati doesn’t like her back, but the idea is too confusing to work out in her head. Women. Lleion doesn’t want to be a hypocrite, but her gender simply confuses the heck out of her.

This is why Lleion decides to go to the ice cream parlor in the city. It’s a bit of a walk to the building as her home is located on the edge of a cliff far out past the forest and next to the ocean, but she takes it nonetheless. The little area is quaint and Lleion finds the overall environment and atmosphere of it all relaxing and nonjudgmental. The colors used for the building are cool and pastel, soft and calming.

As soon as she enters, she orders her usual favorite mint chocolate ice cream in a cone and settles down by a window to pull out a book and read as she eats. She winces a little at the movement–her shoulder out of all her injuries is still the most sore. But she’s able to handle the small pain and instead concentrate on her story and the delicious flavor of the ice cream.