often people (even ones with good lines, like a lot of MLMs) get the impression that TWists are saying “white people can’t be revolutionaries” when we point out the non-proletarian nature of the white nation, which like, considering many of us are white that’s clearly not true, but it’s rather that genuine white revolutionaries effectively have to be class & nation traitors

you can’t subscribe to that “stuck in the 1920s” industrial unionist cracker leftism, “elevation of the [white] working man” type shit and be much of a revolutionary because that inherently disregards the liberation of oppressed nations, you cannot elevate the “white working man” without further crushing the internal colonies, the third world laborers, the billions of people who’ve been forced to bring the white labor aristocracy to the high point it’s at today today

there’s also the “oppressed nations are LAs as a whole then?” type argument in response to TWists, and it’s little more than a common obfuscation from the real root of the problem in our eyes, they (like Rashid’s shitty criticism) utilize the outbursts of fringe-groups like the LLCO and jason unruhe, and project them onto the TWist program as a way of escaping dealing with the very real systems we are forcing them to confront

they think that if they can make us seem like the enemy of single black mothers living on the edge of homelessness, that they dont have to deal with the immense stores of wealth enjoyed by the “industrial working class” that they worship, so instead of dealing with what we are saying, they project “leading light communism” onto us in order to dismiss what we are saying without thinking about it.