A Lullaby for Gods

I finally finished animating this monster of a project. It started as a manic method for procrastinating in the midst of finals (while also practicing animation), and I ended up learning so much from it. I hope you guys enjoy watching it. Thank you!

Done in Photoshop and After Effects.

High Res

Trolls! Oh man this part took a while, thanks everybody for bearing with me. I still need to tweak a lot of the progression as I was just sort of eyeballing it the entire way, but I tried to make it at least a bit consistent. It’s really difficult to emulate camera movement like this, but the point of this project is to try new things. Next update will have the music added! Animated in Photoshop CS5.


More than halfway done! Continuing this crazy animation experiment masquerading as a Homestuck tribute. The song is Nattoppet by Detektivbryan. Animated in Photoshop CS5, sound-synced with After Effects. Yes I will finish it eventually.

If you have any questions, visit my FAQ tag. Thanks for watching!

High Res

Previous Installments

Hello again everybody! Animation status: 1 minute 30 seconds, 1034 frames. 1 minute 20 seconds left to animate. Internet status: youtube uploads take literal days. So I’ll update with sound when I’m back in the US in about 1 month.

Drawing characters interacting is a lot of fun and pretty much the whole reason I want to animate, but it took me at least twice as long as usual. Timing action and reaction in facial expressions takes a lot of planning! Animated in CS5, yes I plan to finish the rough sketch+sound sync eventually. Thank you for your patience <3

High Res

I love animating, and I’m happy to share these experiments with everybody. What you’re seeing is my learning process. I still have a ton to learn though, so thank you to those who have contacted me with resources and tips.

To head off common asks: Photoshop CS5, animating is a hobby only, yes this will be finished eventually. Thank you everybody for sticking with me so far!


A little more progress on my homestuck animation, an additional ~13 seconds. So here’s how it’s syncing up so far! Hope it works.

617 frames, a little less than halfway done. Uploading it to youtube made the video quality questionable which is unfortunate but I don’t know how to get around that.

The song is Nattoppet by Detektivbryan. Done in CS5.

Procrastinate finals by animating yes. The first ~17 seconds of a 3 minute song I wanna animate hahahohboy. I’m simultaneously switching between flash and PS5 trying to get everything to sync, it’s a bit of a nightmare. Photoshop isn’t meant for animations this long and it shows…but I personally don’t like drawing in flash, some people are whizzes at that but I am not ;A;. I have no idea what I’m doing. But at least it’s not studying.
Larger res here.

It is such a chore getting gifs to work on tumblr. The actual dimensions of this are 720x480… anyway this is the next ~15 seconds of this. I gave up on timing in flash and switched to a much easier but substantially more ridiculous method; export it as a video from photoshop, open the music in a player, click start on both. pro!!!! I’ll use After Effects to add music or camera effects or something, I’ve never used it before but I have heard tale that it can work such magic. I hope you guys don’t mind me documenting my various failings as I stumble through making this animation. Higher res here