‘Path To The Stars’ - Llanddwyn Island, Anglesey by Kris Williams
Via Flickr:
One of my favourite images from a night under the stars on Llanddwyn Island. Although the moon had already begun rising behind me by this point, and the incoming cloud from the Irish Sea had started to block what had been a clear view of the Milky Way I had been shooting earlier, but the image gained tons of atmosphere and shows just how magical a place Anglesey can be :-)

0014 - Shine a light on Flickr.

Newborough Forest is a forest to the west of Anglesey, North Wales. It is one of the most important red squirrel conservation sites in the United Kingdom. It appears increasingly likely that there are now only 500 red squirrels in Wales and numbers are continuing to decline.

No red squirrels spotted but we only skirted around the outside of the forest