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Call me what you want. I really don’t care.
I’m non-conforming in a lot of ways besides weightlifting when it comes to gender. So telling me that I’m not feminine has absolutely zero value to me.

No one cares about how strong you are or how your lifts have improved. They’re always concerned about whether or not you’re a “real” woman.

Chris Tina Bruce - Trans bodybuilder

So I thought I’d feature someone really special to my heart for Lady Lifter Appreciation Night. Her name is Chris Tina Bruce. She’s a bodybuilder, personal trainer, activist and transgendered.

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I find the whole “Don’t be scared to lift because it makes you more feminine” problematic. Enticing women to do something unconventional by promising the reward of being called conventional doesn’t make sense to me and I haven’t quite worked it out yet…

Anyway… love Chris Tina!