ooc: status?

Ok so there’s this… con, thing, that all of the other Utah llamas are herding off to, and I am also going!  Yes!  But I’ve never been to one, and I am also taking my child (preteen Kate Bishop Hawkeye y'all) so I don’t anticipate staying late on any of the nights so I don’t really think I’ll actually vanish?

ON THE OTHER HAND everyone assures me that attending a con will take over my brain just like Dr. Who did and for all I know I am going to be heading out to a weekend full of cat-eared debauchery that will only end when they force me out the doors?

So I guess this is my warning that either I’ll vanish, or I’ll be the same person who usually puts her kid to bed at 9:00 and stays in for the rest of the evening.

Also I love you all, even the followers who never interact, you guys are the bomb!