bitchcraftnetwork asked:

okay so I see this person followed my blog, right? I decide, "Hey. I'm bored enough. Why don't I check them out?" So I click, and BOOM. First thing I see is Ed Sheeran ((who I am currently listening to thankyouverymuch)). Oh, alright this is promisi-- BAM. Misha Collins. Oh, uh oka-- MOTHERFUCKING LOKI BASK IN THE GLORY. Once I wipe off my tears, you have a new follower.

There’s no Misha Collins on my blog, but thanks bb.

so, today. I learned something important.


Dem eyes. Are exactly like mine xD And my blonde looked like that white and I had brownish blackish hair and oh my dear God I am a cat. 

That is all.

(Thank you to llamasforsatan for the pic xD AND THE NEW FRIENDSSHIP.) 

  • Ginny:Do you wanna listen to Title Fight?
  • Sam:I don't know what that is.
  • Ginny:It's a band.
  • Sam:Wait but... We were gonna watch that video... With the people... The funny guy.
  • Ginny:...necrophilia?
  • Sam:
  • Ginny:
  • Sam:Yes, Ginny.