Head over to FilmCow’s channel to watch the latest installment of Llamas with Hats! Cribble’s hilarious “abridged” series is coming to Cartoon Hangover Fridays for a limited run, starting this Friday. Also, the official Cartoon Hangover schedule is now released!

Cartoon Hangover Schedule

The Parasox Pub - May 22nd

Season of the Worm - June 5th

Season of the Mitch - June 12th

Dead End - June 26th

Chainsaw Richard - July 17th

Manly - July 31st

My favorite part of being in drumline is the fact that I’m the only girl. Me and my squad will be playing Talk Dirty to Me while our teacher tells us that we aren’t playing it sexy enough, and then will laugh when I have to teach the guys how to pretend to hit that thang. It’s truely a beautiful sight

Ralph: Jack why is your spear all red and sticky?

jack: well I guess you could say it’s red and sticky.

ralph: Jaaacckk what is on your spear?

jack: would you believe it’s strawberry milkshake?

ralph: No! I would not believe that!

jack: uuh melted gumdrops?

ralph: no

jack: spear nectar.

ralph: no.

jack: some of God’s tears.

ralph: tell me the truth, jack.

jack: fine. It’s lovely simon from the platform.