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I’m not so patiently waiting for a new fine dining restaurant to open in Storybrooke that is managed by a creepy woman

and has a world class chef

The restaurant is very popular but some people start acting very strange or even disappear after eating there

The heroes of the town don’t know what to do until a friendly man and his llama companion show up

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Hey this has has been on my mind now *paul voice* KARLLLL (Got it from Llamas with Hats) And if KARLL starred in that, I guess it should be Vampires with hats xD I wonder who should be Paul?

Oh my god, I could totally see that being Karlheinz and Richter. He’s always doing messed up shit and I’m sure Richter doesn’t approve of it. A DL version of Llamas With Hats would be so hilarious. Like,

Karlheinz: Shhh. Do you hear that? That’s the sound of forgiveness.

Richter: That’s the sound of your kids saying they hate you, Karl.

Karlheinz: That is what forgiveness sounds like. Hatred and children’s tears.


As much as I love the Despacito cover, and god knows how much I love hearing camila singing in spanish, I still prefer the llama llama red pajama version. Just shows how much of a great artist this dork is. ❤️

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Who's Lerik? I've heard of Gerik and Cherik but this is the first time I've heard of him.

I’m assuming “Lerik” refers to “Leroux Erik,” unless I am mistaken and it refers to “Llama Erik,” in which case I should like to procure the adaptation that depicts Erik as a llama immediately, especially if said version involves Llama Erik embarking on a quest with a good-natured, rotund South American family man voiced by John Goodman.



Well…I feel a bit silly since a couple of these are ones I got recently, but when I was going through and thinning my collection they just didn’t make the cut -_-; Hopefully someone else can give them better homes than I did!

I prefer to ship within the US and shipping is not included in prices, and will be calculated by weight/zip code. ALSO! I straight up ran out of boxes with my most recent sales, so I might not be able to get the large guys out until the end of the week or possibly early next week, when I can get some more shipping supplies (small orders will be shipped ASAP in envelopes, however).

Everything’s in great condition with tags except the pink bon bon (no tag) and purple macaron (bent tag, attached). Feel free to ask for more photos if necessary! You can send me an ask here or email me at jaclyn.stanton3@gmail.com if you’re interested in anything or might like to negotiate prices.


  • Large Purple Macaron: $85
  • Large Beige Original Baby: $45
  • Large Mint Pop’N Ribbon: $30
  • 16cm Pink Bon Bon, Pink Makiba Girl, Hot Pink Love Berry: $10
  • 16cm Coral Pop’N Ribbon, Blue Rainbow: $16
  • 12cm Pink Goodnight: $8
  • 8cm Purple Princess Ballerina, Fresh Soda, Powa Powan: $10
  • 16cm Pote Usa Loppy: $9
  •  12cm Black and White Pote Usa: $5

I’m also looking to swap my Large Oshare Lace Llama for a 16cm version. If anyone who has the 16cm would be interested in doing a partial payment/partial trade for the large one, please let me know!


pls do not repost or else i’ll pee in your closet. i warned you. but reblogs would be nice. thaaanks <(^_^)>