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Tony: You know what? Forget it, I’m not even shocked anymore.

Peter: Oh that’s no fun.

Tony: This has become the norm for you, Peter.

Peter: I’ll have to try harder next time.

Tony: Please don’t.

Peter: I feel like I’ve been issued a challenge.

laserlemonade  asked:

Hey, so um, I'm looking for this fic. It was something along the lines of Derek and Stiles helping Scott's dad with training people for this new supernatural branch of the FBI. Derek was still a werewolf, but Stiles was magic. Sorry if this is too vague!! It was a really good fica and I've been trying to find it, but I never can. Thank you!!!

Heya there! We also can’t find that one. Any help guys?

Steven Universe photos (Captioned by someone who doesn’t watch Steven Universe)

“Large hair monster intrudes loving family dinner.”

“Afro Princess wins too much at kids capsule dispenser game, her friend is traumatized by the tidal wave of capsules.”

“Triangle head confused by green stop sign, she does not whether to go or stop, while amazon lady gets frustrated and just wants to go.”

“Afro Princess does not like the metal music from Jim Jam the Van Man, so she escapes. Jade Harley and generic boy watch on in horror as she escapes to her homeland.”

“Afro Princess learns the hard way that arcades do not have touchscreen.”

“Kitten woman has found a way to cheat at skeeball.”

“Afro Princess shows off her magnificent oven mitts.”

“Anime cosplay girl and dude who has had hair eaten go to buy tickets for anime convention.”

“Deviant art”

(Courtesy of llama)

Getting hella tired of the drama in this community and that’s without even being involved in it. 

To all of you drama-llamas, shit-stirrers, emotional blackmailers and people with exceedingly easily offended sensibilities  :

  1. Grow the fuck up. Just… do it.
  2. Start assuming responsibility and fault if it’s yours.
  3. See about getting a life outside your simblr, it certainly helps with all of the following points. 
  4. Grow a thicker skin, nobody’s gonna wear gloves with you irl, so why should the internet be any different?
  5. If you can’t handle the shits & giggles fron anon hate, just turn it off. IT’S THAT FUCKIN’ EASY.
  6. Learn to see shit from another’s perspective, the Earth does not gravitate around you, you self absorbed POS.
  7. Just because something isn’t your cup of tea, doesn’t mean you should be publicly shitting in said cup of tea. That’s disgusting, you sick fuck.
  8. Rationalize before you speak or act, because you’re not seven and see no 1 & 2.
  9. Originality is dead. Originality has been dead for a few centuries now. What we have nowadays is derivative creations. So stop thinking you’re the fuckin’ messiah because you did something and X did another something that looks sort of, kind of, maybe-in-an-alternate-universe close enough like yours. (This does not, evidently, apply to unashamed theft. They used to cut hands off thieves, ah, the gool ole’ days)
  10. And for cheesus’ sake, stop taking everything so seriously. It’s the fuckin’ internet, ffs.
  11. Fuck the people who aren’t your kind of people. But don’t fuckin call them out simply for the fact that they’re not your people. They’re somebody else’s, if they’re not yours, and they don’t give a shit about your petty insecurities and your trolling hard-ons. See no 1.
  12. Chillax. Enjoy your game. Just play in your little sandbox and be zen and have a larf with people you relate to and people you can connect with. At the end of the day this is supposed to be about a hobby, a fuckin hobby, which inherently means something you and other people like to do. Stop giving yourself a fuckin headache man, it’s not worth it.

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Day 26: Festival Chick Braylee loves to dance, does yoga every day and is a vegetarian. She religiously attends Simchella and is planning to apply to the Strong Llama Student University Program for gifted students in San Myshuno. 

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